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  • hendro tri wibowo - great job fuji!

    I've been using a lot of point and shoot cameras and also dslr , i.e. pentax, olympus, sony, canon, nikon. And i can say this hs50exr is one of the best bridge camera out there. Smaller sensor doesn't mean bad IQ, you just have to find the right configuration to be able to take this camera to the fullest :-). It's using new developed sensor by fuji. Remember the old days when everything is big,.i.e. tv, cell phone. And now everything is smaller,thinner and beautiful :-). Well of course at some point you can not compare the IQ with high end DSLR, but the again you will have to spend thousands of dollars with DSLR. $475 for this fuji is pretty expensive for bridge camera, but believe me, it's worthed :-) you can get nice pics with this camera, don't need to change lenses and the IQ is comparable to mid-end DSLR, IMHO.

  • MJ - WOW!!!!

    WOW! Let me give you a brief history first. I have PCOS and never had a regular cycle. I would get my period for a few months straight and then it stops again for some months; in the past 4 years it stopped all together. No period=No Ovulation=No baby. We tried clomid and IUI=Fail. Eventually we did IVF and got pregnant, then no period again. Long story short, after a few losses due to other reasons I decided to take a break and focus on getting healthy. I found Fertilaid and purchased it with the intention of just using it to get my period, after the first bottle I felt sick, left work, came home, took a test, and PREGNANT!!!! After that pregnancy, I got back on fertilaid again, it regulated my period and I just found out I am pregnant this morning. Now, we don't have male issues as fer as fertility is concerned but I order the men's fertilaid for my husband too.

    I had a friend that was diagnosed with PCOS also just a couple of months back and I told her to try fertilaid to regulate her cycle before going to Rx drugs she did and she also has great results.

    The website says it can take up to three months to work, for me and for my friend, it took just one bottle. Good luck!

  • JADJones - A nice Surprise

    I have tested many different AntiVirus Software over the last 10 years. Some consume the majority of your system resources and clog your system with giving you little or no protection, where others partially clog and partially protect. Then there is the scanning. I have 3TB of files on my system, most AntiVirus software takes over 2 - 5 hours to scan, and I can not work on my computer at the same time. This one takes less than 2.5 minutes for a full scan. I have yet to find a product that works half as good as a Webroot product. I have used Webroot Spysweeper for five years and I insist my clients use it as well on the computer systems I build or fix for them. When Webroot asked me to Beta test this product I was willing because I felt confident in their products. It installs quickly and then quietly works in the background... so quietly that I actually forgot it was there, until one day it popped up informing me that it found something. Wow, I actually forgot it was there! Just yesterday I was unpacking an "extras" file from a software I had just purchased, and it popped up again telling me that it found a nasty and then gave me detailed step by step instructions, and then it scanned again in case there were any trace/pieces. From start to finish - including scan time - 3 minutes and problem solved. That impressed me, and I do not impress easily. Simply put, you can not buy better, efficient protection anywhere.

  • Lynn Dailey - Using Food As Medicine

    To make a long story short, this book saved my life. I was so bad that I had just about given up on ever feeling better. But after two or three days I could feel that this was a very different diet than a Gluten Free diet. My strength started returning, my weakness improved each day, my emotional health improved dramatically, and people in my family and at church who were seeing me often could see the results in my face, eyes, and speech. Maybe because I had been feeling so bad, the diet didn't seem hard to do, or too much trouble. I was just thrilled to be able to eat and enjoy the taste of food again and not have the pain and intestinal spasms I had been having for several months prior. I can't say enough about this diet. I went to my doctor today and just in the past two weeks he could see a great improvment and want's me to do a seminar on how food can heal you when you can't tolerate medications or vitamines and also when your blood tests show so much mold toxicity.. I told him I would be happy to. Because I live in a very rural area, I have to order several supplies online, but actually, that has been okay since the more I stay out of the stores, the better my allergies are. I would recommend this diet to anyone with mold toxicity or intestinal problems. Lynn