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Country: North America, US, United States

City: Dallas, Texas

  • Amelia Gremelspacher - "I really don't have time to talk. These shadows are shifting every minute."

    So this title is the caption of a photo of a lovely woman sketching in the park. Being self conscious on occasion, as one is, I had sort of planned my review as I was reading this book. I would choose my favorite two or three and do a vignette. Now this is impossible, because when I leaf through the pages, I find ten more favorites. And retrieving the very best one snarls me in twenty more.

    This photographer set out to define the city in pictures of its occupants in all their diversity and through the changing urban landscape of New York City. He has succeeded. I think he has. It has changed that last bit of my perception of a cruel soulless city into a montage of people.

    When I was a child I had a book of pictures, not published for children, but portraying a family as it understood itself, and I looked it over often. Not since then have I been moved by photography to that degree. The neat thing Isis that it is on my phone and my kindle. I can thumb one over during the day when I forget to see people and not crowds or annoyances.

  • justin - Love it!

    It far exceeded my expectations for a tablet with that price point. Very impressed! I would recomend this tablet to anyone looking for one.

  • Jenni French - What I've Been Waiting For

    This book was recommended to me by a friend, and as I did my googling to find more information, I was shocked to discover that such a book existed. "Really?" my brain said, "somone has written about this?" In all of my reading and searching, I have never, ever found a book written by a Christian who struggles with homosexuality. Never.

    This book reads a lot more like a memoir than a textbook, and I believe Hill did this on purpose. He is not writing from the perspective of having all the answers, but rather describing his journey to find those answers. I appreciated this change in perspective, and I was intrigued by the concepts he wrestled with as he struggled to discover what healing from homosexuality would look like in his life.

    It seems that most people have in their heads the idea that healing from homosexuality looks like, well, heterosexuality, that a person who struggles with homosexual desires needs to actively pursue a desire for an attraction to members of the opposite sex. I know people who have struggled with homosexuality and are now "healed" according to this definition. But there are also scores of Christians who are seeking to glorify the Lord in everything, including their sexuality, yet still struggle with homosexual desires. Is it right to say that they should pursue wholeness in the form of heterosexuality?

    Hill explores the concept of a "celibate gay Christian," that is, a Christian who is tempted by homosexuality but chooses not to act on those desires. Is it possible that God would choose not to heal a person of this temptation, but rather to give them the grace to live with the temptation and to glorify Him through it? Hill believes so, and 2 Corinthians 12 seems to agree with him. Just as it is possible for a person to be tempted to steal, but choose not to steal, or to be tempted to lie, but choose not to lie, it should also be possible for a person to be tempted with homosexuality, yet choose not to act on it. After all, temptation in and of itself is not wrong. Jesus Himself was tempted, yet He never sinned.

    What I like about Hill's alternate view of healing from homosexuality is that it pulls the focus off of the homosexual desires and puts it back on glorifying God. Instead of pursing freedom from homosexual desires, the Christian who struggles can instead focus on getting to know God better through studying the Bible, worshiping and serving Him in a church community, basking in His love and grace, and sharing the message of the gospel with those around him. If God chooses to relieve that person of the temptations of homosexuality, wonderful! I would gladly rejoice with him. However, it is entirely possible that God would choose rather to allow that person to continue to struggle so that God's grace can be shown in his life. After all, that is why we are still here on Earth: to show God's grace and mercy and love to those around us.