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  • lucky - It really is quieter, by as much as 10db

    I used a Tenma Sound Meter 72-935 to compare other brands of hair dryers to the Centrix Q Zone operating dryers on high. I monitored the sound level about an inch from and centered on the air intake and about an inch to the side at the front of the nozzle (not in the air stream). The Centrix measured as much as 10db lower than the best of the four dryers to which I had access. That means it is perceived as being about half as loud. Tomorrow my wife will start using the dryer and we will learn how well it performs otherwise. Of course the price is significantly higher, but we value our hearing and comfort.

  • Jerra - Very helpful! ****UPDATE****

    THIS DID raise my blood pressure quite a bit...My reading today was 136/90 which is high for me lately and well above what it's been....

    First let me say that I take blood pressure medicine (that also helps with anxiety and migraines) and this product does not affect my numbers at all (but I would def check with your dr)...I have experienced a slight headache once or twice but I really think its from lack of food...when that happens, I eat a healthy meal and it goes away...One reviewer stated that it made her extremely dizzy...I will have to say that I did get dizzy when I first woke up a few times, but I honestly think it was from my body not getting its usual snack before bed...I was so bad about night time snacking...plus I'm the type of person that is usually late and jumps out of bed lol...I can't really see an increase of energy or anything like that but the appetite is definitely suppressed...I do take 3 at a time but only twice a day because I simply usually forget...plus I'm not a good pill taker but I love that these pills don't have a bad taste like so many herbal supplements...Obviously these pills are just a crutch to lean on...but they do take away the naughty Dove chocolate cravings and help me keep my impulses low so I can make smart, healthy decisions when it comes to food/snacks...

  • Elizadeath - An item I cannot live without!

    I am not kidding, I really don't think I could live without having my witch's datebook. I've been using Llewellyn's Witchs' Datebook for around 7 or 8 years now. For those like me, that need a datebook to keep up with every sceduled appt and like to be organized in that manner, the reason this particular one is essential for all Pagans is the extra stuff it has. From full page discussions on various holidays, techniques, and general pagan topics, to the moon and sun phase for every day of the year, to every holidays observed around the world (not just Pagan, but many major world holidays), to every day's color, and other little tidbits of nifty information about each day and stuff for the Pagan lifestyle in general. If you are a Pagan who has not tried using Llewellyn's Witchs' Datebook, I highly suggest you do and you will be pleased with it! Blessed be to all....