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  • Cora L. Schmid - Essential reading for anyone who works at a desk!!!!

    I read this book in conjunction with a class given by the author, and all I can say is Wow!!!!

    The author has studied posture and movement in cultures that do not have the high level of back pain we have in our culture, and come up with a simple method of improving posture. The information is presented persuasively and is broken down into simple principles. The book is clearly (and beautifully) illustrated.

    But the amazing part is that the principles work. The difference for my low back pain, and neck pain, and foot pain is remarkable. Now I can sit at a computer all day and have my back feel GOOD at the end of the day! I wish someone had taught me these principles when I was five. This book is well worth the investment for anyone who has back pain, or who wants to try to ensure that they don't have back pain in the future.

  • Dr. Patrick J. Delamere - Excellent- For everybody

    Time urgent for this generation of excessive medication users.A clear and easy way to improve your health. I read this book the day I received it, then ordered 5 more, for each of my children. It should be in every home, as a reference for continual study.
    Col Patrick J. Delamere,D.C.

  • Intellectual Awesomenimity - This game is great! Ignore the nerd haters!

    There's enough reviews on the internet here to tell you all about Diablo 3, I just wanted to add my two cents to the legions of nerds that are giving this amazing game a very low score because during the first few hours they had launch issues. I'm sorry, but a couple of hours of downtime for the biggest PC game to come out does not justify giving this game 1 or 2 stars. Its a great game, don't let the knee jerk reactionaries fool you into thinking its the same as D2 or a watered down RPG: Its solid, will suck your time away, and you'll love every minute. Unfortunately, huge releases like this tend to polarize the community because if it isn't the digital Jesus that they've been soiling their pants nonstop 12 years for, the nerds go berserk and the result is they give the game a score that they think it DESERVES because every single detail isn't EXACTLY the way they want it, versus what it actually is. Ignore the bad reviews folks, these are just a bunch of angry virgins-Its excellent! Go and buy it!

  • B. L. Harsch "Army/Band/College Supporter" - Soul Surfer - - YEA

    I LOVE this movie and could not wait to read this book. Bethany Hamilton and her family should be applauded every day for the courage and strong faith they showed the world during this tragedy. Their faith in GOD is awesome and I hope that I would be as strong as they have been if faced with a tragedy on this level.