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  • Collin's Mama - Excellent book for first time Mommy!!

    I am so pleasantly surprised by this book! The information is very useful, it's easy to read and follow, the book is very organized so that you can use it as a reference guide and I feel like it's the kind of information that every first time Mommy is wondering about.

    There is a comprehensive chapter on breastfeeding that I am finding very useful, and even a website that corresponds to the book so that you can see what normal "poop" looks like, rashes, and other things that first time mommy's might be worried about.

    The chapter on vaccination is great as well! I highly recommend this book to any first time Mom, and it really is a perfect gift.

    I wish that I would have been able to read the Expecting 411, I had What to Expect, which was good, but I think this is alot more up to date and progressive.

  • Cassie Laughlin - I love this!!!

    I have bought two terrible tablets because I was being cheap. I got what I paid for JUNK!!! This one I decided to go ahead and spend the extra money. I love it!!! It's been an excellent tablet for me!