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  • Al T. - Buy it, Read it, Love it, Share it!

    I was, at first, a little sceptical about this book, as I had never heard of the author before. Being a post-apoc nut, I picked it up. Im glad I did. I put it down only once, simply because my children had to eat. Its filled with emotion, mystery, horror beyond comprehension and, my favorite part, the all-or-nothing survivalist team of a father and his son. McCarthy's genius writing left out everything that a reader might consider to be important, like names. Its only after the tear-jerking end that one realizes what really is important... that a father will do everything in this world to ensure the survival of his son, and vice versa.

    The Road is one of my top 3 favorite books, as judged by how often I put it down. Its up there with Pressfield's "Gates of Fire" and Moore's "Lamb".

  • Terrell R. Quarterman "TQ" - Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro

    I have a five year old HP laptop, Centrino 2 processor that originally came with Vista, upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit and now Windows 8 64-bit. Downloaded from Microsoft web site which took about 2 hours and another 2 hours for installation. That was the worst part of my experience.

    I have read articles and user reviews stating Windows 8 was not optimal for non touch PC's. Nothing could be further from the truth. Personally I think there has been too much negative press and reviews by people who expect navigation in Windows 8 to be similar to Windows 7. Much of the navigation in Windows 8, in actuality is very similar to 7 if one doesn't give into frustration of the unfamiliar metro screen. One will quickly find out you can easily navigate to the desktop screen, virtually identical to Windows 7. Put your pointer in the upper or lower right had corner of your screen provides you with a menu bar that is simple and efficient finding any program (now named apps), file or destination on your computer. You will soon realize the metro screen has multiple advantages and contains apps and programs that put information at your fingertips without having to open multiple internet explorer screens or programs. Windows 8 is a vast improvement over Windows 7, faster, intuitive and easy to navigate.

    Windows 8 has given my old laptop new life, faster with fantastic new apps, a cross-pollination of a smart phone, tablet and PC, what more could one want?

    I recently purchased a Windows 8 phone and office 2013 which provide seamless wireless connectivity (sync) to all my important data including photos. I no longer need to use a UBS cable to sync to my phone (except for music), now all syncs are on the fly via Microsoft SkyDrive and I get them in 30 minutes or less.

    I recently bought my wife a Asus Windows 8 touch screen and though the touch screen is convenient, I don't consider it an advantage.

    In everyway I recommend Windows 8 and I think time will prove it vastly superior to Windows 7 once users are acclimated through use and accept Window 8 for what it is, a giant leap forward as an operating system.

  • Brian N. Kramer - Just the facts

    This is my first time using TT Business for my S-Corp 3 person company. Last year we used an accountant that took too long to do our taxes, and cost too much money. This is also the first year I did 'enhanced payroll' via Quickbooks and figured that has to be 99% of the work and I can just import my numbers into TT and be done with. I have used TT home and business for personal use in the past, and this Business software is similar in its structure.

    Inputting basic data like corporate name/address/shareholders is pretty straight forward. Import from Quickbooks was easy as well, but this is where the big problem happened. When I got to the page to 'balance my books', I noticed the horror, that a bunch of items from Quickbooks were tagged and using wrong tax lines (I accidentally had an automatic rule that marked many of my sales as employee taxes). After the import, I found that I could no longer open Quickbooks because TT was using the file. Needless to say, a simple reboot, corrections in Quickbooks, 'delete all imports', and another try! I wish I could say I did it all correct on the next round, but nope, I had to repeat the process above a few times.

    The only real issue I had after fixing Quickbooks was a rounding error of 1$. This was not my fault, my CPA was off by a $1 in rounding the year before, but Quickbooks was dead on and the TT software kept trying to have me fix the issue. After several iterations and figuring out how this happened (that took a while), everything else went smooth. Despite all the effort, I don't think there could have been a quick or efficient way to do all the balancing, and I now need to wait for all the forms, but that was to be expected. Next year I imagine I will be able to fly through the taxes in about 10% the time of this year.

  • mikemeg "mikemeg5" - Cured my paleo breath

    I'm a low carb, high meat and fat guy. Since I switched my diet about two years ago, my breath has been pretty vile. My family has not varied from the opinion that I have a hard-to-describe foul miasma around my head. My wife characterized it as "old man smell". I have tried different chlorophyll-like pills, minty pills, gargles, etc., to no avail (I'm not willing to stop the diet--it's radically improved my blood chemistry).

    I'm willing to roll the dice on all sorts of idiotic possibilities, and Therabreath fit the bill. When it arrived, late afternoon (so 10 hours after last brushing, and with a nice lunch in the interim), I rinsed for a minute per the directions, gargled briefly, and exhaled on my daughter, who proclaimed it "scent-free". My insanely sensitive wife --after dinner-- was blown away by the absence of nasty breath. The big test was the next day, with rinsing in the morning and spending all day undoing it with meat, yogurt, cheese, etc. Dinnertime-- still no smell. Three days in, and it's still fantastic.

    Mild, almost non-existent taste, and the results seem to last all day. Great product.