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  • doz70 - Great entry in the Diablo series!

    First of all,since it seems to be the main complaint, I'll say I had no problems at all connecting to servers and playing the game. No lag, no disconnects. This was on the evening of release day.

    Second, I had done some research before-hand, and read the system requirements, so I knew that the game, like many other games I play, requires an internet connection. This seemed to have come as a surprise to many people, and really infuriated them. So if you do not have an internet connection, I would say stay away from this game. In fact probably stay away from video games for the forseeable future, as the internet does not seem to be a "fad" that will go away any time soon. There are websites out there that sell older games that can be played offline, have no multiplayer components, downloadable add-ons, or anything else that would require a connection that would be better for the majority of the upset reviewers here.

    No on to the game. I'll start off by saying that if you are a fan of the older games in the Diablo series, you will love this game, and the gameplay will feel very familiar to you. It's more of an evolution than a revolution, the basic gameplay remains very similar to Diablo and Diablo 2. The quests are linear leading you from one area to the next, although exploring areas fully is usually rewarded with things like events/secondary quests, so it seems worth it to enter every dungeon you run across.

    Skills are more fleshed out, with 2 main skills (on mouse buttons) and 4 secondary skills on hotkeys, these are usually more movement / crowd control related skills it seems. You have multiple choices for your skills, and each skill is modified by runes that come as you level up, adding up to many possible play styles and builds for your chosen character.

    A new addition to the game is the crafting system, in which you can salvage any magic items you pick up and use the materials to build new weapons/armor. I'm not sure how crafted items will effect end game play (how powerful crafted items become), but at low levels its a fun addition to the game.

    Overall the game is really fun, and I can see playing it for a long time. Easy to jump in and out for a few minutes of play, or great for a marathon play session.

  • TripleBullet - Loving it and still playing it!

    I love this game. I got a level 60 Witch Doctor and a Barbarian almost there. Inferno difficulty (Last Difficulty) is super hard, most hard a game has been in forever, and i love that. Finally a game with real challenge. If your not into the whole hard thing then start another character and use the money it earns to get better gear for your main and make inferno easier without playing it. People can cry about it all they want. This game is awesome and most fun ive had on a pc in a while.

    Trust me, its a good buy. Actually a lot of these low reviews are because of how bad servers were Day 1 - 3. So they came on here and raged and are actually probably playing it having forgot about their review of the game. Servers are fine now and the RMAH (Real Money Auction House) is a great way to make a real life money. I cant believe what people will buy sometimes! Whatever tho, it makes me money so im happy. They have regular AH to so you dont have to use real money. I recommend 100% and i bet you a lot of the 1 stars are playing this game now that the servers are stable.

  • Tsungai Elaine Mutongwizo - If you buy just ONE scholarship book....

    I love it. THere is something for EVERYONE! Ham radio operators, navy, military, nursing,medicine,postgrad and for little go getters ( and their parents) in grade and high school there are plenty of scholarships too. I would read through this every 2 or 3 months and see if I don't find a fit with something. It took me a whole weekend to go through the book and I was expectant through out. I identified easily some 20 scholarships I can apply for with 12 being the real good fit. I'll go through it again in 3 months and see if my eyes don't notice more fits. It's a good resource. I think switched on guidance counsellors in high school should have a copy in their office and a diligent one would have a long list of all scholarships for high school kids, some as early as 6th grade, pasted on her /his office wall.

  • Reviewer Mary "Reviewer Miss Mary" - I only give 5 stars becuase of MY PERSONAL "Tuscan Milk Man"

    It arrived!

    The Tuscan milk actually arrived?!?! You can only imagine my utter excitement! I would now be able to experience the thrill of "Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz" being poured down my throat! When the man brought it to my door he had a strange smile on his face. Which scared me, because only strange people at Walmart smile at strangers nowadays, but then i realized! It was MY PERSONAL "Tuscan Milk Man" he even had his own theme song as he came up the steps! He had a halo over his head and all my vision was blurry except for him! He stood out to me like a hot, tan, muscular guy in a sea of grotesque, misshapen, deranged centenarians! His white teeth glimmered at me. "Hello great enchantress! I am YOUR Tuscan milk man!" he said in a deep romantic voice. He handed the "Tuscan milk" to me and off he went! Then I poured some for myself.

    However, I will spare you the horror I experienced afterwards.....

  • Theseus "theseus" - Huge But Not Overwhelming

    The word-on-the-street regarding the NCLEX is that the Kaplan program is the go-to source for test prep. With this, I have to agree.

    As you probably would expect, this is a big book loaded with information. One of its strengths is that you get two complete practice tests. This gives you a chance to pick through one test gradually and then do the second test at a quicker rate.

    Perhaps the most valuable thing about this book is that you can pick and choose the sort of test prep that will work the best for you...
    - If you want to go deeply into a bunch of questions and carefully read the analysis of the answers, that's here.
    - If you want a more casual experience: making yourself comfortable with the format of the test and the sort of things to expect, that's here.
    - If you want to focus on test-taking strategies: learning how the test structures certain types of questions, that's here.

    Worth every penny.