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  • HulkJr - Great Bike!

    I shopped and shopped, and finally decided on this bike. I felt it really had the most to offer for the money; I wanted a nice 'starter' bike for road biking. I didn't want to go way too cheap and buy a piece of junk (which I have always had), and I didn't want to spend too much initially either. This bike is put together nicely, and it rides great. You can easily compare it to 700, 800 plus dollar bikes in other places. I paid 550 for it from Amazon. I am a bike mechanic, so I have built lots of bikes; this bike comes with quality components all the way around. If you prefer super high quality components, like shifters for instance, you can always upgrade those individually. I plan to customize/upgrade/replace the shifters and the sprockets later on, after I get some use out of the ones that came with the bike and when I have figured out what will work best for me on there. Overall, extremely pleased. Quality is better than or as well as expected. I did buy a padded seat cover, and may change out the seat altogether to a more padded one. I am fairly heavy at 6' 250 lbs (mostly muscle) and those little seats with nearly zero point zero padding on them are not for me. Hope this helps you out.

  • Lakemoor - Worked for Me

    After a year of regularly recurring yeast and UTI infections the doctor suggested I try this product. I have been taking it every day for 7 months and have had no infections. This is cheaper than going to the doctor and paying for a precription to treat the infection plus it is no missed time off work.

  • Aschott "Aschott" - great for an anxious test-taker

    This book made reviewing for the LSAT easy. I suggest getting a few different LSAT prep books and also a bunch of real tests. Some books are better than others, and this one is a really good overall view of the test and strategies. I think this one and the Arco book are good. I also foudn NOVA's to be good. Kaplan and PR were waaaay too basic and was mostly annoying filler.

    Well, i see lots of people have different ideas about books, so the best thing to do is to try out a bunch and see what works for you. I found this one really good in the AR section and RC sections. Also a good strategy for applying and getting into law schools in general. Two thumbs up.

  • Donna Kramer - Best Thing Since Sliced-Bread!!!!

    Finally! A pen just for my delicate feminine fingers. Before, I had to use those awful man-pens. They were just too bulky for my petite fingers, and quite frankly made me feel much too masculine for my taste. However, now I these beauties! Gee, these may as well be the best invention since sliced bread! These obviously work much better than regular pens because they're designed especially for women. And now those immature boys won't bother stealing these pens because they're for women only! Wow, these pens have changed my life now and for forever!