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  • S. Neely "anarkissed" - It's a FOOD PRODUCT, essentially...When Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show and argued that pepper spray "is a food product, essentially," I decided to try it out as a spice for my Thanksgiving meal. Kelly is right: It's absolutely delicious. We put it on everything--from the turkey and dressing to the green-bean casserole and even the pumpkin cheesecake. Once the burning sensation dies down, along with the difficulty breathing and the temporary blindness, the taste left in your mouth is simply unparalleled and sublime. Plus, it's fun to keep a canister ready under the table and surprisingly shoot it in a friend's mouth just as they go to take a bite. Seriously, it's a culinary delight!
  • Donna - Good item.My husband has a weight problem . . . he can't seem to gain back the weight he lost in the last couple of years. The doctor recommended Ensure, so he has been drinking two of these "Ensure Plus" containers every day. It has really helped. I like the idea that we can buy this online and have it delivered to the house and we don't have to go to the grocery store and then have to lift a case or two of these into and out of the car and then get them into the house. We are not young any more, so this online purchase has really helped us in more ways than one.
  • EducatedConsumer - THree Sloth MoonI have experienced first hand the power of the three wolf moon shirt on many occassions.... though there are no wolves on the sleeves. What is a woman hungry man to do?

    Then I was browsing Amazon looking for a solution to my woes, and faster than I could drink Tuscan Whole Milk, I cam across the three Sloth Moon Shirt

    Three Wolf Moon Shirt Parody - Three Sloth Moon Shirt - 100% Cotton Adult T-Shirt Tee


    I bought one immediately and wore it the first day I got it to the mall. The slow, hypnotic glow from each sloths eyes emanated raw power.

    You can say its just a knockoff, but I say - Bring on the sloths. My wife is in for some power tonight.