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  • Laszlo "CD Explorer" - Outstanding - for the time beingI say "for the time being" surely because this technology keeps changing and expanding at an incredible pace. What makes this one special is the care that this company (Seagate) puts into this type of gadget. They have been experts on external drives for years (decades?) and deserve their good reputation and ongoing existence in a market that is ultra-competitive.
    For a reasonable price (at least what AMZ currently shows: $90) you get 500 Gigabytes= half Tera yes, start getting use to the T of Terabyte = one followed by TWELVE (12) zeroes = 1 trillion bytes!). If you were dealing with computers since the nineties, it still sond like science fiction: 500,000 MEGAbytes.
    Slick finishing, solid and well protected, this includes a USB 3.0 which means you get your data transfered faster. In summary, super extraodinary... (for the time being!).
  • M Indy500 - Excellent Item ;ADOBE flashThis is an excellent tablet. It is not a laptop, so you shouldn't compare the speed and processing power of a tablet to a laptop (I have both an Asus Republic of Gamer G750 17.3" laptop and this tablet.)

    This tablet allows me to view Microsoft Word files, Powerpoint, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF. You have to download the appropriate app to view these files. I suggest Kingsoft! A great application!

    Now, for you flash video fanatics! You can get flash video to work, but you have to realize that Adobe no longer supports the latest plugins for Android, so you have to do a work-around. There are updates through installation of an archived file from Adobe, but this doesn't always work. So, I found that you can use the following method:

    1. Go to setting, click on security and check the box next to Allow Unapproved Sources

    2. Go to internet browser, clear your browser cache, then type "goo.gl/WsbRZ" (exactly as written in the quotations) then press "Go" button or "enter". I scanned the downloaded file with Microsoft Security Essentials and it is clean. (install_flash_player_ics.apk)

    3. Click on the install tab

    4. Once installed, a box will appear with two options Finish or Cancel

    5. click Finish and your done!

    This should work with this tablet, because it worked with mine. Just follow the directions!
  • Robert Merritt "Rob" - A great family gameSpore is one of the most enertaining games My family and I have played in years. My kids just love exploring the world, finding parts to evolve their creatures, and creating. They aren't just sitting back mindlessly absorbing a game, or being bored by and educational "game", they are having fun and are a part of the creation process. Even my 4 year old daughter, who normally is uninterested in games have been playing.
    I enjoy the more complex Space stage. For kids, it's better than the Sims. For adults, it probably isn't going to hold your attention for years, but its still fun.

    As for the DRM, I had no issues with it. I installed the game, and it works. I don't even need to have the disk in the drive. It doesn't effect my system or my family's enjoyment of the game in a negative way at all.
  • Daniel M Selleck - Great, Simple, Well designed..Customer Service not so muchI love the product. Much easier than juicing and you don't throw away all the good stuff like we did with our Breville. Clean up is a snap. I actually like the thicker texture compared to juicing. I did learn that Nutri Bullet would only honor warranty from date of manufacture since I did not buy directly from them. I chewed up a rubber gasket (totally my bad) and it was not easy getting a replacement. I did get it after a bit of time and effort with only S&H.
  • Cookie - Get the BookI am only half way through this book - but so far so good! I love Matthew's advice because it is honest, simple and makes sense. Most of the book gives advice on how to meet guys "in the wild" rather than online. While I realize that is important, I think we are in a society full of social networking and online dating is a huge business. Now if only I could get Matthew to call me :)