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  • G. Beaverson "RockyMountainGirl" - Oh My, Oh My, Oh My

    I absolutely love it when a new author keeps me up at night because I must finish the book. Not that I have to, but I must. It becomes a kind of a calling to do so. This book did that for me. I must say that the first 50 pages or so, during the session about the actual abduction, was difficult to read. It made me realize and think about how vulnerable a woman by herself, just going about her day, can be. But even with that difficulty, I knew I would have to read to the end. I loved how the author had each chapter as a session with the therapist that Annie is seeing to try to be no longer 'Missing'. The reveal towards the end as to who was behind all of this blew me away. If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would.

  • Shawty27 - Samsung Tab2 10.1

    I really love this product. I haven't purchased the product as yet but I am contemplating. Would I be able to go on facebook? Can someone please give me the steps as to downloading archive adobe flash. I would really like to know that I could look at movies in my pleasure. This seems like a great buy anyways. Thanks much in advance for comments.

    I love everything about the tablet expect the following:
    . There is no USB port for flashdrive, hence I will have to purchase a OTG USB Kit to use to transfer data
    . The tablet does not have adobe flash player to watch certain movies.
    . If I am on Facebook etc and I wand to listen movie form youtube the page that is facebook is on will blanket out and youtube comes on. Long story short, you cannot be on facebook and listen music at the same time.
    . The battery doesn't last that long especially when watching a movie or playing songs.

    I would recommend this product to anyone. Great product as a gift. A case is recommended to put the tablet in to keep the tablet in good condition.

  • Maedmarion - Finally, a solution :-)

    I have to say that I found this advertised after hours of trawling the net for a way to deal with intimate freshness issues - things became more troublesome around the menopause and I tried every wash. spray and powder which I could find to try to alleviate the problems - all I got was irritated skin, UTI's and stinging...........nightmare!

    THEN I found a review for this product - well. loads of reviews to be honest, on Amazon - I read every single one and whilst my eyes watered at the price (then twice what it is now!) I went ahead and ordered it, with a sneaky feeling that I was really just wasting my money, it was all a 'fix' etc etc.

    It took a while to arrive and I was beginning to believe that I'd fallen for a scam, when suddenly there it was - a 'signed for' parcel which actually would have fitted through the letterbox and a very grumpy delivery driver who had tried to deliver it three times whilst I was at work.

    My first thoughts were that there couldn't be anything inside the box, it was so lightweight! Then I opened it and saw the product and my heart sank - what a con, I thought, all that money for this. But, having paid for it I thought that I might as well give it a go.

    It was remarkably easy to use and although I had 'spotting' for 24 hours after the first use, since then I haven't looked back - I've been using it for nearly six months, daily and I can honestly say that it has been the miracle solution which I hoped for - after three day use there was no stinging, no odour and no sticky discomfort - I now feel fresh and clean every day and recommend this product without reservation - I have bought one each for my daughters - how I wish that this had been around when I was menstruating and in a sexual relationship - what a godsend it would have been!

    As to the quality, in fact it is I think, a sturdy product- lightweight it may be, but I have had no problems with it at all and don't expect to.

    Suspend your disbelief - just try it!