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  • J. M. French "new knitting addict" - Works so well.

    I love the light scent. It keeps my curly hair soft and shiny. I use a good amount (5 squirts for my medium-length hair), rub it in well and let it sit while I finish my shower. Rinse really well, then towel dry. I use a squirt about the size of a pea to rub into my damp hair and comb out. No blow driers or irons. Great results.

  • Elizabeth DeWeerd - Expensive ad-ons but a great base product

    This tablet is loved by my daughter. It helped her get away from my tablet. The only downfall with leapfrog products is the extra games are really expensive. She likes the base system pretty alright though.

  • Andrew Li - At long last, the stuff of magic.

    After extensive searching for an effective antiperspirant for my facial sweating, and not doing too well, I've found it in this product.
    For my facial sweating, which results in my forehead sweating A LOT for no reason, I've tried products such as: odaban (which works for my underarms but not hands), hyper care (under arms but nowhere else), and other weaker ones, to no effect.
    Sweatblock, while pretty darned painful (it stings and itches), stopped my facial sweating. It's been five days and I still feel its effects. Perhaps it'll continue for a bit longer.
    To anyone else with hyperhidrosis, give it a try. You also keep in mind that just because something has a higher concentration of aluminum chloride, does NOT mean it's more effective- odaban did not work but this did.
    One more thing, I use dehydral for my hands and it's magic. I highly recommend sweatblock.