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  • iheartjackbauer - A wonderful new talent!!

    In the year 2075, the world is divided. Project SILENCE, was created in 1969 with the intent to control emotions of a human. By 2075, the Psy were like computerized robots. They feel no emotions...no rage, no violence, no love, no happiness. Their ultimate goal is to bring everyone into the Psy world which is projected as being the most peaceful race in exsistance.

    Psy Sacsha Duncan knows she's different. She's known since childhood that she's flawed as a psy. She has worked very hard to keep her emotions masked and behave as a true psy would. When her work puts her in contact with Changeling Lucas Hunter, who is half leopard, half human, he brings emotions out in her that could threaten her very life.

    Lucas Hunter made a business deal with the Psy for a reason. Someone is kidnapping and torturing Changeling women and his pack is convinced it's Psy. Needing to find his way into the Psy world, Lucas makes a deal with the hated Psy, but is unprepared for his attraction to Sacsha. Soon all he can think about is Sacsha and her safety. Confused as how he can be attracted to an emotionless Psy, Lucas soon realizes that there is more to his Psy than meets the eye.

    Nalini Singh brings this world to life in Slave to Sensation. In what could be a confusing and complicated story with the different races is in fact very simply told. It's easy to understand the difference between the Psy and Changelings and makes Lucas and Sacsha's story that much more intense. Lucas is very "alpha" and Sacsha is so used to hiding her emotions that you're bound to see some fireworks.

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  • Krista Widler - In love...

    This product is everything that I hoped it would be and more. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone so having this tablet is great because it's just like my phone. It's very user friendly and I love being able to have everything match my phone. The apps it has too is great! I couldn't be any happier. Definatly worth all the money!

  • Calderon00 - Excellent App, but too expensive to buy twice (if you want it on your mobile) UPDATE: NOW working on my mobile as well... Excell

    UPDATE: Since writing this review the app now works on my phone as well as in my fire, so I changed my rating from 2 to 5 stars. Must have app for F1 fans, for television viewing or attending races.
    For $26, I expected to be able to use this app both in my kindle fire AND in my phone (LG Optimus Regard), especially when people with Android Tablets will only need to buy it once to use it in both tablet and phone. However, the amazon app store in my phone will not download this app because it is not compatible. I saw the 2012 version of this app on a friend's Iphone while attending the US Grand Prix in Austin, and was very impressed and found it very useful. The app is fabulous with real time race information and 3d renderings of the tracks which you can rotate and spin to view from any angle, and gives you the option of following a specific driver, as well as news. I was about to buy it from my phone through the Google Play Store, but then saw that it was available for the kindle fire. Because I've been an amazon customer for longer than the google play store has existed, I chose to buy it in the amazon app store, and I was looking forward to using my Fire as a companion while watching races on TV at home, and relying on my phone for the times I might not be at home or able to see tv during a race in the upcoming season, especially because my kindle fire hd is a wifi only device and that limits the use of the app to times when I am near a hotspot. I was very disappointed when I saw that if I wanted this great app on my phone I would have to pay another $26 to the google play store. I hope something can be done to give those of us who purchase this fabulous app the option of mobility, which is probably one of the biggest reasons for this app, and especially since it is something Android tablet users already have.