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  • anotherreader - Perfect for people who are looking for a career change

    This book is perfect for people who are looking to find a job that fits them, but have a little life experience. The author changed my viewpoint from looking for a job that I can fit into, into wanting a job that I can create based on my personality, strengths, values and interests. It's packed with resources and information. For instance, research noted in the book says that sending your resume out to employers is one of the least effectual ways to get a job. Yet it seems to be the job search priority of most people. The most effective...guess you'll have to read the book, but remember there are quite a few effective methods in between....

    The reason why it's helpful to have life experience, is that this book focuses on knowing yourself to make a job that fits you, which requires you to be making your own decisions, which most of us don't fully own decisions until we've figured out how to set aside pressures put on us by family and friends.

  • Ez - Body Alignment with Knowledge

    I've had chronic low back issues for over 12 years seeking the help of mainstream doctors and clinics that really have no true idea how to work through your body to achieve a healthy core.
    This last year and a half was spent almost entirely rebuilding my strength and confidence after 3 bulging discs took my right leg out with a severe, tear-wrenching sciatica event. I found that Esthers descriptions and explanations on posture, specifically, bending correctly at the hip and sitting in balance have been invaluable in the last 3 months to finally stop aggravating my lower back and relieve the constant twinge in the lumbar-sacral area. Knowing a bit of the history as to why most back issues start with the comparison from other cultures and even our own going back a hundred years helped me to understand how and why it's easy to slip into unhealthy alignment.

    I do recommend this work and the exceptionally thorough presentation of the exercises to help build body awareness while alleviating some of the issues associated with back pain. I will mention the Egoscue method as a very good system, as well. Great but time consuming exercises that also help to relieve stress on the entire back. Definitely worth considering and trying before submitting to more drastic measures.

  • courtney - Great set of balls.........

    For the price and the quality, it doesn't get much better than this.
    Usually I just find my golfballs off the fairway, but these are worth the purchase!

    Also went through a great deal of research and other reviews on golf sites and everyone who uses them seems to agree.

    In addition, the delivery was very timely.