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  • Scott Bronner "bob" - The 'Brick' WallSome people would say this album is overrated, others would refuse to like this album because of Water's ego, and a few would just not like it because of their musical taste. Whatever people would say about this album, In my opinion this is a very solid album. 'In The Flesh' shows the energy in this album, while 'Another Brick In The Wall (part 1, 2, and 3) shows Water's emotions Gradually going from a cold, sad tone to a more furious tone. There are classics like 'Hey You' and 'Comfortably Numb' which comes with great guitar solos from Gilmour. The album has multiple themes and symbolisms, the most notable is the WW2 theme. It's not really clear what 'The Wall' means in this album, but it is really up to you. The Wall might be the Berlin Wall, or Society, or the Struggles of your lives. Whatever the wall might mean to you, for me 'The Wall' is a very solid album that I would recommend anybody to listen to.
  • K. van Rooyen "Kmarie" - The Best So Far!My husband and I listened to this on our trips to my doctor and we really enjoyed this one. It has more than one subplot, and held our attention. As always, the narrator is wonderful. This series is like comfort food - always satisfying even if it doesn't have the most substance. No profanity, no real violence--just great entertainment.
  • TravellerTwo - How could anyone not have this in their libraryWritten and illustrated concisely, this book covers everything from health needs, interesting beliefs followed by remote villages and peoples, preventative methods as well as good basic first aid practices. Rather than running to the doctor or emergency for the little things, this book might be able to inform you how to do it yourself. Don't be shy, many of the drawings and information is there to help you with the human body. This would be the book to have during Hurricane or other disasters where doctors and hospitals are unable to help.
  • Melissa Hamblin - THANK YOU EMILY!This is a great book. It does not preach or tell you what to do but gives you clear information to make an informed decision. Believe it or not, you nay-sayers (that I doubt have read the book), this has actually made me significantly more cautious about what I ingest. With everything telling you that you are only safe gnawing on unsalted cardboard, it is overwhelming trying to follow ALL of the rules. You are set up to fail and to feel that anything that goes wrong is all your fault because you ate a peanut.

    The high-omega/low mercury chart is invaluable. Yay for catfish!

    Thank you so much Emily for writing this book despite knowing you would get a backlash. This book is honest and I really needed it. Thank you for treating me like I might actually have a functioning brain with the ability to make a decision based on data and facts. How novel.

    By the way, is there a study on the long term impacts of sanctimonious mothers?
  • R. Jackson - Office - MAC - Perfect!Don't know what all the '1 - Star-ers' or _itchers are talking about....? I'm a Windows -to- Mac convertee this past year and I LOVE this version over the PC setup... I just can't figure this out. It appears smoother, refined and clearly a well integrated application with zero issues. I've had zero compatibility issues taking files worked in this app back to Google+ and then back to a government PC Office version.

    It simply works flawlessly and - I am a serious critic of wasting money on Microshaft products. Here though, it works, and works perfectly!