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  • Mark Burnsworth - The toughest test so far...This game is a true test to your video game driving skills. In my experiences, you can adapt to quickly to the game and win everything. From the beginning its a challenge and you can increase the difficulty very easily to the point that the driving experience is very much like what F1 drivers face each and every race.
  • noclaimtofame - Lifesaver for Crohn's sufferersI got this book for my daughter 5 years ago when she was first diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and was unable to eat anything without being extremely ill, as she had too much sugar and wheat in her diet.

    She was desperate enough to follow the advice in the book, even though it seemed extreme. After a couple weeks she was much improved. After two years she was able to occasionally eat a few foods that normal people eat (pizza, a hamburger, regular bread). She is now vastly improved to the point where she lives a normal life, although still follows much of the SCD diet. Her doctor asked her how she was able to improved so drastically, and she gave him the SCD information.

    If you don't follow this diet or one similar, you cannot recover from this disease just by taking a bunch of pills. Most doctors don't know that "we are what we eat". Our medical system is broken and run by big pharm, but that is another issure.
  • Martha F. Kleyn-schoorel - The Window of the Lord's returnI have read "The Window of the Lord's Return." It was truly fascinating to me since I have always believed the 'Pre-tribulation' view. After considering the scriptures concerning the 'Mid-tribulation' view, I was convinced that John had pointed out the true interpretation of the subject. It is a truly fascinating read! I could hardly put it down till I had finished it.
    With todays troubled times, I think it is most important that we have the proper view concerning the Coming of the Lord. This book IS A MUST READ for anyone who had prior belief's based upon the 'Pre-tribulation' doctrine.

    Jacksonville, Oregon