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  • Marilyn King - I LOVE IT!

    The price was great and the product is awesome!

    I don't understand why Amazon is able to sell the Norton product for less than Norton itself. However I'm not going to quibble about it. This is the second year in a row I've renewed my Norton protection by buying it from Amazon. Thank you Amazon.

  • ChristineS. - More than an ordinary blender...

    Lord Jesus, from up above, deliver us from long tedious reviews on Amazon. The Nutribullet will probably save my life, as I heal from Breast cancer sans radical surgery, chemo, drugs or radiation. After grappling with juicers, blenders,& frustrated with the strict green diet, this surely is God-sent. The bullet is incredibly easy and fun! It's not "just a blender", but seems akin to an external new digestive tract. The gut took a beatin' from antibiotics, Nsaids, stress, caffeine; wasn't assimilating nutrients properly. I've had sinus headaches for decades due to food sensitivities, which no longer exist since blasting. My supplements can cost upwards of $1,000. per month, but now I feel comfortable reducing them. The Bullet is so powerful;as if it's going to dance on the countertop or blast-off into the stratosphere, yet it gently pulverizes. Go Raw!