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City: 78702 Austin, Texas

  • bowke25 - Honda CRV Crossbar Roof Racks 2013

    Recently installed this product on a new 2013 CRV. As noted in previous posts, the directions provided are not very detailed and in some cases not accurate. I did not see a marking on the outside of the tower referring to right or left. If you flip the cross bars over, the smaller pocket of the towers should be toward front of vehicle. Remove the cover of the bottom of right tower on both racks (one phillips head screw). There it identifies R side. Loosen the two screws and slide the tower to fit into the side bars of the roof system. Retighten the two tower screws and reattach the bottom cover. Carefully,
    align the rack and hand turn the supplied screws. I used a little lubricant first and then tightened when both screws were seated.
    The directions state " this is not for a DIYer" and should be installed professionally. Just take your time and be careful not to strip the screws. This install took 15 minutes and was easy. They look great on vehicle and appear very sturdy. Far less expensive than dealer install of OEM.

  • SuzieMac - Should've Bought This Years Ago! SO Worth It!!

    So funny to be asked to write a review on this today as I was just at the optometrist's office with my daughter and our doctor brought up how crazy it is with two little boys at home. I brought up the program and she had already heard of it. Her ears perked up and she had some serious interest in hearing more, so I told her the truth: I would pay double for the program, it is that good.

    We have a soon to be 18 year old living at home. He has one more year of high school. He was Dx'd with ODD and ADHD since kindergarten, plus a learning disorder. I almost thought we'd be getting this program too late, but we've turned around our situation within a few weeks! Some things turned around within a single DAY. We recommend that you stick with the program and get as much support as possible. Give it time, because it can take awhile for all the lessons to sink in.

    We have found the program to be useful just in general, meaning the lessons are applicable to the other adults in our lives, too. This program is cognitive behavioral therapy and WILL work if you do what they tell you to do/say. Talk therapy never did us any good around our house. This program is different and it works.

    Not only for "problem" children, we recommend the program as a preventative measure. It offers solid parenting skills from which everyone can benefit. I bet it would take "average" (non-problem) kids to become downright exceptional citizens.

  • Perian J. Webb - Best Gift Ever

    I gave my husband a Kindle for Christmas 2008. He has more electronics than anyone else I know. He thought he had them all until he opened his Christmas present and was shocked. He has told everyone that that was the BEST Christmas present he has ever gotten. I like the fact that the 30 books he has read this year I do NOT have to find a place to store them.

  • Reihan M. Salam - Expecting Better is an excellent resource for expectant mothers

    Our understanding of pregnancy is shaped by a great deal of folk-wisdom that doesn't really withstand scrutiny. Age-old myths continue to shape how women and their families approach an extraordinarily difficult, strenuous part of their lives, and this is a real threat to the well-being of mothers everywhere. Oster cuts through the myths surrounding pregnancy, and she does it in a responsible, rigorous, and smart way. She's not offering easy answers, and she is absolutely not suggesting that pregnant women shouldn't be careful and responsible. Rather, she is offering informed, data-driven advice -- drawing on the best scientific evidence -- about what really matters and what doesn't. I really wish people, including some of the people who've been misrepresenting the contents of her book, would sit down and actually read it. I highly recommend checking out the WSJ's excerpt: