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  • Michael Vogt - A book that makes you thinkI just finished Age of Context, the latest Scoble/Israel collaboration about how providing context via technology is reshaping our lives and world. If there's one thing this book did, it is made me think and view the topics covered from a big picture point of view.

    I'm not the paranoid type person who tries to cover up their every move online. I've fully embraced the Google ecosystem and gladly give them all my information so that my Android device can notify me I need to leave in 10 minutes to make it to my scheduled appointment on time at this address due to the current traffic conditions. That is the power of context!

    But Age of Context highlighted so much more than what Google and Google Now can do. I became excited reading about all the technology startups are working on and spent time researching the tech mentioned on my own. This is a fantastic time to explore what is out there regarding context, especially when applied to goals, such as improving service or quantifying your life.

    I felt the book did a great job covering both the excitement aspect of the new technology, but also the legal and human problems that may arise over the future. Personally, I agree with the authors that many of these issues will not become a big issue, once everybody is using newer, context aware technologies, such as Google Glass. But I think it was fairly and well discussed.

    Bottom line is, if anybody has any interest in context aware technology and learning about the future potential of context aware technologies in increasing the pleasure, enjoyment and value of our daily lives, this book is a must read.
  • AK "AK" - Please get this book.I was suffering for 10 years. It started within 3 months of coming to the USA. It was sufficiently mild till recently so I ignored it. But last year it worsened greatly, partly due to stress. ABout 30% of body was covered with the disease. The doctors prescribed creams, UV and then
    Embrel, which turns off your immune system. Wonder which genius thought of that. Luckily I had the presence of mind to ignore all their 'advice'.
    The ONLY thing you need to know is to control your diet, NOTHING else. Thats what I did. After 4 months I'm 95% clear. Stop all processed food, white sugar, night shade vegetables. Each lots of green leafy things plus raw veggies (I ate carrots, cucumbers, onions). Above all, don't go for fancy concoctions, this juice and that, this tea and that. Just cut out the bad and eat raw veggies, green leafs, wheat tortillas, rice, etc.
    In this book there is a lot good and bit of BS, about tea from elm bark and all that. Above all this book will give you hope, which gives you the energy to fix yourself. Please get it. I spent 10 bucks and got back my life.
    While you're on the road to recovery, you need a good daily moisturizer after bath. I use vanicream. $ for a tub. From walgreens. Lasts about a month. Best Luck.