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  • Jeannie Robinson "noniejeannie" - Dramatic Success with The Plan

    This book was a deal changer!! I heard this author interviewed on Dr. Oz and decided to give it a look. It offered some compelling information. I purchased the book and implemented the plan. Not only did I immediately see a movement off of a weight loss flat level, I felt terrific. I discovered within 3 days I had yeast issues I had had no clue about. I live with a great fisherman who brings in fresh salmon for us. I had no idea that this wonderful food was playing havoc with my system. I am in the midst of the twenty day testing stage and learning so much that I will take forward. I have discovered I can eat foods I long ago dumped from my diet and still lose about a pound a day at this point. I am drinking more water than I thought humanly possible and surprise, surprise, I have reduced my coffee consumption to a couple of cups in the morning and not looked back. For someone who chugged a pot a day (on low days) this is a dramatic statement. The Plan promises you the addition of red wine, dark chocolate and cheese within 4 days. Yeah right, I thought. It is so. I lost 1.4 pounds when I added that back on day four of this program. Bananas gave me fits; potato chips were ducky. Who knew. I have bought this book for my three daughters hoping they too can benefit from Lyn Genet's remarkable Plan.

  • mary - I love it♡♥

    I have my tablet for months now and I dont get tired I used a lot to use Facebook, yahoo mail, my emails, to watch videos and movies on Netflix, read books etc....
    Is like HD video quality and is really good. I just wish it has flash player but is cool...

  • CBScorpio - A VERY Good Book About The GREATEST Entertainer Who Ever Lived!!!

    I have had a life-long affair with music. It is my 1 of my greatest loves and it is my passion. On June 25, 2009, 1 of the greatest fires that helped ignite my passion for music was forever extinguished. His name was Michael Joseph Jackson. I do not remember music without him and music videos were irrelevant before him. No one in the history of entertainment including Sinatra, Elvis or the Beatles ever influenced as many races, cultures and creeds as Michael Jackson did. And no one will even come close again, if ever.

    With that said, I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought it was incredibly detailed and insightful. It made Michael Jackson out to be precisely what I always felt he was...brilliant and immensely talented, while also damamged and flawed. It made him out to be what we all are...HUMAN!!! If you were ever a fan of his, you owe it to yourself to read this book. I finished it in a few days and actually laughed out loud in some parts. It's the best book you'll find on MJ!!

    Rest in peace, Michael! Your star will continue to shine!

  • R. George "GMANO" - same great features ...new maps

    I find this a simple to use and full-featured program with many features. With updated maps this year I consider this a key buy. Some features are, sharing your routes with other gps devices and with internet connected friends and family, estimate trip time and fuel mileage, easily change your route DURING your route, traffic updates, ability to pick your own route or select variables to create one, add tags and notes right on your map and probably other options which I can't think of. But all in all I much prefer this in my semi because I can run it on a nice big laptop screen and very easy to change route just enter it and grab and drag route to the new destination