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  • Francesca - Did I Eat Today? (DIET) You Betcha!

    I cannot say enough good things about this way of eating. As and older woman, post menopausal, and with a low thyroid, I may never have been grossly overweight, but stopping those pounds creeping on has been a real struggle. In December of 2012 I decided that I needed to get serious about my weight and health. I initially joined Weight Watchers and faithfully logged my points. I did this for three months and lost 4 lbs.

    I then switched to logging my food on "My Fitness Pal" and over the next three months dropped another 6 lbs (1200 calories a day) and then I stalled. The scale didn't move. I was logging every scrap of food that I ate, being really, really good but I was stuck. And then came Haylie! I bought her book and thought "This sounds great, but impossible - no dairy, no corn, no wheat, no caffeine, no sugar. I can't do this." Then I read it again. No calorie counting, loads of fruit (Phase 1) I LOVE fruit. BREAD (sprouted grain Ezeikiel bread - delicious) CRACKERS (who knew brown rice crackers were so tasty) and I decided to give it a try. EUREKA! the pounds started dropping again. I didn't lose huge amounts - 9.5lbs in the 28 days but I now weigh 122 lbs and I haven't seen that weight since my early twenties. I'm now in love with a diet book! The recipes and super, and super easy, my husband likes the meals and comes back for seconds. This book has completely changed my attitude towards food. My refrigerator is now stocked with fruits and veggies, my deli meats are nitrate free (from Trader Joe's) I feel good, look great and I'm happy! Thank you Haylie!

    Just so you know - there are a few bumps in the road to be aware of. It's easy to be confused initially about what is allowed on each phase. I ended up making myself a little cheat sheet. I took a standard sheet of paper and cut it in half top to bottom. I then folded in three (like a fan) top to bottom. I then wrote out my phases so I could see at a glance what I was allowed on each phase - it's small enough to slip in a pocket or a purse and is very easy to check against if you are out and about and want to eat out.

    You also have to plan your week and make sure you have the food/meal for each phase. I had forgotten how good real food tastes! I'm not a cook but the recipes really are easy and tasty and I was NEVER hungry or pining for something I couldn't have. Best of all - with some minor adjustments this is a way of eating for life. Just one other thing - if you are hypothyroid and the weight just won't budge - try this diet, it really works!

  • Mark H - Perfect!

    Where was the iPad mini when I was young?! This tablet is the perfect combination of form and function. They just cost too much!

  • Heather Burke - an accurate and compassionate depiction of the "after-war"

    I am a psychologist with the Army in the TBI clinic. This book is an accurate and moving account of what these returning soldiers have to deal with. Readers with little personal knowledge of the wars and their effects will come way with a compassion towards the struggles that these soldiers (and their families) face.

  • Doug S. Sikora "Harley Road King Custom Rider" - Excellent bag worth the $$

    Timbuk2 2010 Command Messenger Bag - Large - 288

    UPDATE Sept 2012, over a year later I am still using this bag. It still looks brand new. Holding up great. Any annoyances are gone and I have fully "moved in" and really enjoy this bag. being able to slide it over the handle on pull luggage is awesome, I can even slide a water bottle in there too. I have had no problems with TSA - the laptop stays in the bag when checking through security I just unzip that section so it lays flat and make sure the only thing in that side is the laptop. Turns out the larger bag is best for me as it gives me more room, but still will fit under an airline seat. I would purchase again if need be - Highly recommended.

    The bag is quite large and seems to be able to expand more all the time. I travel 100% - I needed a TSA friendly bag that would handle some overflow from my luggage as I never check bags anymore. The method the bag lies flat for the TSA scan allows for easy pickup and "automatic closure" of the bag making for an easy zip-up. Many pockets and pouches are available to house all the cables/chargers and what not you need to carry. I have only 1 annoyance with this bag so far - there are 4 zippered pockets under the flap that are useful however they were sewn to be nearly flat not allowing for bulky contents. The shoulder strap is comfortable, even with adding way more weight than I should put in the bag. The bag itself is very light, however it is a well-built bag - the waterproof capability is a big plus. Sometimes I am not sure how, but the bag just wants to stand upright by itself when loaded. The click connect straps to secure the flap work excellent. There is also a heavy duty plastic buckle, that I am unsure of it's intended purposes but for me it works great to clasp in my travel pillow - one less thing to carry in my hands.
    There are a few hidden pockets that I discovered after using the bag that I find extremely useful for a very light rain jacket and an umbrella - always with me but never in the way anymore. I saw a very small version in use as well and was able to get a close look, if you can go with a smaller bag It looked to be of equal quality and features.