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  • Don Lloyd - Longtime Love Affair

    I, like many of you, drooled over Spore's release date in anticipation. Even though I admit that I was disappointed that they did not take it as far as we all hoped they would (like the fish/water stage), I still understand why they had to leave it out to make it possible.
    It is still a wonderful and imaginative game that sparks critical thinking and creative skills while teaching some basics of 3-d modeling while highlighting the generalized basics of evolutionary principals.
    I've played this game for years, and enjoy every creation as well as being inspired by the millions of creations posted to share online daily. Even after all this time, I still would recommend this game wholeheartedly.

  • Mrs Magoo - Real Person, Amazing Product

    After the birth of our baby, I began fighting Ductal Candidiasis. There was not help to be found from doctors or midwives or any "professional." I was tired of taking round after round of prescription medication that did not work. I was about to give up breastfeeding because of this extremely painful malady. I launched out on my own desperate search to find relief. I found Three-lac and within 3 days, my symptoms were tolerable. Within 5 they were totally gone. I thought....if three is good, why not try 5? I ordered FiveLac and it came THE NEXT DAY. It continues to keep my symptoms at bay and allows me to feed my baby the way I want to. Thank goodness for these products. I am a real person, I had a real problem and These products REALLY WORK! Don't mess around. Get it and try it and feel better NOW!

  • Nathaniel "Diesel" Lawson - Don't leave home without one, ladies

    Man here. I can't begin to tell you how much these new Bic for Her pens have changed my sex life. I bought my feminine ladywoman a couple packs of these bad boys (or bad ladies? LOL!) recently and her sense of self-worth is off the charts! It has really freshened everything up, presumably because she is able to channel all of her female terrors and Twilight fan fiction THROUGH these pens, and onto her frilly pink stationary, instead of through me! All I can say is that the results are wild! Don't hesitate, gentleman, to give that lady of yours your credit card so she can order these!