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  • Nicole - Great Book for GirlsGreat book. My 7 year old loved reading through the pages of this book. It gives young ladies great ideas what to say when they get into disagreements with their friends, how to talk to parents, and basically tons of ideas of what they should do in certain situations.

    Would recommend this book and when my niece gets older (she is 5 now) I will get her this book as well.
  • Vivi - Great!Beautiful and sturdy book. Shipping was immediate. I am a new medical student and plan to use this as a supplement while I go through year one.
  • Nicole H - It works!!!!I was very surprised at how fast and easy this product worked. I was able to remove five moles with this product. It is definitely worth the cost. Just remember if it doesn't sting for the first five minutes or so it's probably not going to work. Following each step is very important. Good luck :)
  • KD Allen "me" - Best formulation for maximum reliefYears ago I used Midol for menstrual relief. Then they changed it so it lost whatever the effective ingredients were.

    Premsyn is like the old Midol and Pamprin, when they were truly effective meds. Premsyn has 2 key ingredients that really do the trick--Pamabrom and Pyrilamine maleate. These 2 chemicals work to relive bloat, tension caused by waterweight grain, and cramps. These also give a slightly relaxed feeling (daytime) and a good night's sleep (nighttime). The third ingredient is acetaminophen for pain relief.

    As an added plus there also work for when you have a bad cold and you need to relax and minimize your cold symptoms.
  • Meebo - Without Being Political...An actual review on this product's performance as a training shoe for running.

    Fit is perfect (in that I am typically a half size up in sneakers versus dress/casual shoes). Laces hold well and do not slip out of their knots, but took me a little time to properly tighten where I wanted them to tighten (seemed too tight in one spot at first, but worked it out).
    I run on asphalt and concrete and found the transition from my summer pairs of Adidas Climacool to be about a week until I was comfortable with these. The month and weeks following have been a breeze. Cushioning is perfect, the sole is great, even for someone who toe strikes often. I also tend to underpronate, underpronation (supination) involves pushing off from the outside of the heel rather than a more even push-off across a greater part of the foot, and these shoes have actually helped correct that problem. I did not expect that. * Wanted to add that my arches are closer to flat than normal. Good shoes for both underpronation and flat feet :)
    I'm 5'8", 130lb, and run easy 9:30/m pace in these and i have been very satisfied. I wear these with a pair of smartwool socks, and found they work well in temp ranges from 30 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I switch to my NF Ultra Guide trail shoes with goretex when it's rainy/slushy though, as these shoes do have some mesh at the front.
    Function well and the black with neon highlights looks neat too.

    Also, Team Wendy.