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  • Heather M. Fell - A much-needed moment of "aaaawwwhhh!!" in my stressful daysOK, I never thought I'd be one of "those people" with pictures of cutesy little animals on my desk, but it has been a stressful year!! I've long been a fan of the Cute Overload website, checking in surreptitiously for an occasional fix of cuteness. Now I've outed myself as a consumer of cute by placing this calendar in a prominent location on my desk - and I have no shame about it.

    Part of my devious strategy was to gift this calendar to two colleagues who sit close to me. So now I'm just one more person with that cute calendar ;-)

    Great captions, often quite hilarious or slightly risque. Always tongue-in-cheek and amusing.

    Enjoy the cute, people!
  • JohnFTL - Love it!I'm a late adapter by choice these days and this is my first tablet. I didn't buy it from Amazon because I found it new on sale at a nicely discounted price elsewhere. I bought it just under a month ago and I haven't really had the time to dig into all the features on it but so far I've had no issues with it and I'm loving what I see. The only thing I didn't know is that the newest versions of Flash isn't compatible with the newer Android OS's. I see that some people are giving this tablet bad reviews because of this, but this problem is very easily solved by downloading an older, archived version of Flash from the Adobe website. That's what I did, and mine now plays internet videos and streams flawlessly. This thing is fast. It has a nice camera and good basic features. I bought a leather case with a blutooth keyboard for it because I hate typing on touch screens, and it works great. It comes with a decent amount of internal memory but I added memory just in case I need it. I love that it is so compact and easy to carry around, and it has a nice heft to it so it doesn't feel light and cheap like some others I've looked at out there. Have to be careful where you put it down though. Its so small and thin that someone could easily steal it and slip in in their jacket or a handbag. This tablet is a thing of beauty. The colors and brilliance of the images on the screen are impressive. I don't have anything bad to say about it at all. I looked at the Ipad before I bought this, and although I'm not knocking Apple (because I own some of their products), to me, this Samsung tablet is a much better value. If you're planning to get a tablet I recommend getting this one.
  • sunkist - Best baby item in our house!!My 3 month old son absolutely loves everything about this play gym! He keeps entertained for 20-30 minutes at a time by staring/cooing at himself in the mirror, batting at the hanging toys, kicking at the piano, and doing tummy time. It is fun to interact with him while he plays or to do small housework nearby while he entertains himself! Love hearing him coo and laugh at the hanging toys and quickly learn how to make the different parts move. Never gets bored! I highly recommend this play gym, especially for babies that like to kick and use their legs. Great for cause & effect and I personally don't mind the music at all. Excited for this play gym to grow with my son!
  • Jill Dennison - I Love My Kindle!!!I received a Kindle from my daughter for Christmas and after 1 week I have to say that I love my Kindle! I don't know how I lived without it before! It is easy on the eyes, I can have many books with me at all times, small and lightweight, and I can download a new book, magazine or newspaper in a matter of seconds at a fraction of the cost for a physical book. I can leave one book to read another and Kindle remembers where I left off. I can bookmark content for future reference. It is the most amazing device I have come across in years! Thank you Amazon and thank you Chris!!!
  • Karen Bryson "Karen Mueller Bryson, novelist ... - Simple Method to Relieve Back PainAs someone who has suffered with unresolved back pain for the past decade, I found Esther Gokhale's book, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, a welcome read.

    Gokhale's main thesis is that over time, American culture has not supported those methods of walking, sitting, standing and reclining, which sustain the skeletal structure and healthy back functioning. By studying various pain-free cultures throughout the world, Gokhale arrived at an eight point system that supports healthy back function.

    Gokhale believes one of the most important factors in alleviating back is through healthy posture and movement. Her method helps individuals relearn every day actions such as sitting, sleeping, walking and bending, so that the actions protect and support natural posture and patterns of movement.

    The book combines simple instructions with many color illustrations, which make learning the information easy and fun. If you or a loved one suffers from back pain, this book can provide the relief needed.