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  • OptimusPrime - It's magic. Prevention is better than cureMagically amazing product.
    My face was clean until I started facing this acne torture. This product is just amazing because as soon as you come to know or start feeling a tingling sensation under your skin, immediately apply this and wait for few hours. Boom.... it's done.
    I started using Proactiv 3 step treatment recently but this (Proactiv Solution Advanced Blemish Treatment) product took me by surprise. I used Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Acne Treatment, which works as well but Proactiv is way smoother and once it dries up it even fades the redness or scar color.
    I would like to say that this works 101% on preventing acne/pimples to pop on your skin. Curing an existing pimple is a pain and time consuming task. This is all from experience. You only need little portion of this treatment to cover the affected area and so this tube lasts for a while though the quantity is less. This is not a moisturizer that you have to apply it all over your face.
    Remember, prevention is better than cure. Go for it...
  • Artsy - How did I live without it?Like every other gadget in the universe, once you have it you find all kinds of uses for it you never imagined! I have now used the tablet for several months and I am really pleased with the brilliance and crispness of the screen. I have the wireless version but I "tether" it to my Samsung smartphone so when I am away from my home/office I can access the internet and show the photos posted on my blog and website in all their glory. But sad to say, I am now addicted to playing solitaire and mahjongg in bed before falling asleep... probably should not have shared that! It is also just the right size for reading magazines I subscribe to electronically. And I can stream TV shows and movies in my hotel room or anywhere in the house or out of it. It is so lightweight I can slip it in my bag and I don't even know it is there. As I knew I was going to be getting a smartphone (just got it a week ago) I really wasn't sure if I needed a tablet too, but I am really happy I bought it.
  • Marsha - great product !!!!!I purchased the aphogee two-step treatment with the conditioner, the two minutes keratin repair and the green tea spray. They all worked wonder. My relaxed hair is now strong, feels and looks healthy. the only thing is you have to make sure that you properly rinse it and put a lot of conditioner after cause it is really a strong product so any residue will break your hair. My advice is not to use it frequently but 4-5 days before or after relaxing your hair and use a leave in before styling and a moisturizer as a finishing touch.
  • Jamie Wilson "Shilom" - The Heist is just a Geist?Gray has come to accept things that the Council has told him, such as when he's eighteen, he will be taken, just like all the other boys. However, his mom, who loves him too much to simply accept this lying down, tells him there is more going on than meets the eye. She slips him a note she shouldn't that questions his whole world, and there begins an amazing novel of what could be any world, even ours. So what happens to the boys who are taken...?
  • Urban Momma - Better than a regular highchair!We got this to bring with us to out to dinner and when we go to family events. We got the Teak which is dark taupe/light blue color. It's true to color, great quality, love how easy it is to remove from the frame to wash. I researched tons of highchairs like this and couldn't be happier with it.
    -It fits most tables
    -Little one can sit at the table with you
    -Nice pocket on the back of the chair to stow spoon, bib, food, toys or wipes
    -Has a carry bag sewn into the bottom, through an almost hidden pocket, easy to stuff carry bag into pocket to keep out of the way when attached to table
    -Bottom half of chair arms articulate inwards so that chair folds flat (about 3-4" wide when folded)
    -Seat area has nice padding, and firm board undernieth to provide solid support
    -There are adjustable straps sewn into the back that come around little ones sides and buckles in the front to hold your little guy/gal in tightly even if you have a little skinny infant
    -Seat buckle is covered by velcro to keep out of reach of tiny curious fingers
    -Cover can be unsnapped and washed!
    -Easy to put on table
    -Folds fairly flat and is lightweight

    -There is a 1" gap between the table and bar that holds baby in, food, spoons and toys can slip between and fall on the floor. Using a bib with acatching pocket on the bottom works well to help avoid this
    -The knobs undernieth that tighten twist opposite to what you are used to ("Righty tighty" and "Lefty Loosey" don't work) so the first couple of times I was tightening it instead of loosening it, but figured it out quick enough
    -Carry bag has drawstring on the edge, but wish it had a strap you could put over your shoulder. Small disadvantage.

    Overall it is an EXCELLENT chair and I highly recommend it. Our son enjoys it!