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  • M. Morim - Must read: Enjoyable, to the point, make good points!

    After viewing Sheryl's TED talk and following several articles about the book and her campaign, I simply had to get the book.
    I'm a light feminist, been fighting to be treated equally for years, without waiting for anyone to "enable" me.
    I really loved the book: she speaks to the point, gave a lot of examples, used her life story to share many experiences (from a young child to a COO executive).
    This is a must read book for every person (man or women). Having said that, I can easily see how women would enjoy and benefit more out of it.
    While I was reading it, I couldn't stop thinking about my female friends who can benefit from reading, but really reading this book.

  • Eric Benson - Love It

    I absolutely love this tablet. This is my first tablet ever, so I had to learn to use it. It links up pretty well with my Android phone, and Its UI is easy to navigate. I would recommend this tablet for fist time users on a budget.

  • D. K. Rumsey - The first baseball stat book I buy, each year, is the Bill James

    I am a big baseball fan. I follow most of the teams and their players. I also play a head to head game (APBA) and this book is a great help. In APBA, we act as scouts, general managers, and managers. Although APBA is based upon the stats of the previous year, we have a keeper league, so I like to draft new players with an eye to how they should do in future years. Fielding, as well as hitting and baserunning are part of our game, so Bill James is indispensable.