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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 89119 Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Frankie Freds - Beautiful PerfectionThis is the only photobook I've purchased in my life. I've been a big fan of the blog for years, and his photos are not only a great sampling of the vibrant community we live in (New York), but an incredibly humanizing and deeply moving view into the lives of people we often pass every day and never notice. If only I get catch Brandon on the street and be added to this wonderful project!
  • ADC92 - Pretty AmazingI bought this product because of all of the amazing reviews I read on here. I have great dental hygiene (floss every day, brush at least 2x a day, and use mouthwash), but my breath still smelled horrible even after I had just brushed/flossed/used mouthwash. It turned out to be tonsil stones from my constant allergies. I'd been struggling with this for months, and it was absolutely ruining my life. I was considering asking my doctor for a tonsillectomy just to end the madness. I decided to give this product a shot, and I was absolutely SHOCKED at how amazing it works! After using the mouthwash, my breath felt fresh and incredible. Even after the minty scent wore off, my breath didn't smell at all. It seriously kills EVERY smell coming out of your mouth. Once you eat, that's a bit of a different story, but your breath still won't smell as horrible as it did before. One thing I will say though, is that it DOES NOT remove your tonsil stones (at least it hasn't removed mine). I still see them in my tonsils, but they aren't as gross-looking as they were before, AND they don't smell anymore. Because I'm not struggling with the smell, I don't feel the urge to take them out. I just leave them alone, and I feel a ton better. BUY THIS PRODUCT! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

    EDIT - I have only been using this for about a week now, and I'm already 80% of the way done with one of the bottles, and I rinse twice a day as recommended. Be very thrifty with it, as it is expensive and empties quickly.
  • Michael M. Moore - Transformer Prime 64 GBThis unit I put together for a friend, after they saw mine working. This is an outstanding unit for portable use including being a great book reader. I still use my desktop computer, but now do a lot with my outstanding tablet. Some of the Android phone applications still only work in the portrait orientation, but that will improve once the application writers step up to the new Android 4+ operating system that supports both tablets and phones.
  • Malek A. - Love the Product ... Hate the ExperianceCAUTIOUS:

    1. As stated in the description, this product will NOT be ACTIVATED outside USA, Canada and Caribbean. However there is a work around, just Google "Activation code is invalid for this region" BEFORE trying to activate the product, follow the steps and you're good to go. Once activated it should work anywhere in the world.

    2. Activation date is the delivery date (Yes it will start counting down the 365 days starting form the delivery date). I've lost 28 days waiting for my other license to expire.

    3. Any failed try to activate the product will count as one of the 3 users. Three tries and the activation key is locked for good and only Kaspersky technical support can help you (good luck with that ... see the next point).

    4. Without a doubt, Kaspersky has the WORST customer and technical support EVER... EVER. So don't count on the 24/7 non-sense support or the money-back guarantee. I had to rant about it on Twitter, Facebook & Google+ for weeks to get some half decent support from them.

    Keep in mind this is not the seller issue rather than Kaspersky. Yet their products provides high level of security.