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  • Bird watcher - Sturdy, easy to use, pretty

    I chose this for its high safety ratings. I returned an Evenflo Triumph because it was just too difficult to strap my daughter in and just Which is not good for a car seat in my opinion! I will stick with Britax from now on - great quality, very pretty and really easy to get my DD in and out quickly. She seems to find it comfortable as well. The cover is very pretty. Glad I chose it. Would also work for a boy.

  • Mike - Very solid buy

    I actually love my new Samsung tablet. Makes me wonder why I ever considered buying an ipad. Loving the android operating system though it does contain a few bugs. Kinda still mad at Samsung though. The tablet came with a piece of plastic over the screen which would've served well as a default screen protector but it's riddled with unnecessary advertising words that force you to remove it and buy your own screen protector. Very stupid!

  • Justin - Great Value - Perfect for a NYC Apartment

    Living in NYC means obsessing over space-saving products that still deliver quality performance.

    The Yamaha YST-SW012 8" sub definitely does not fall short of that.
    Hooked up to a Yamaha 5.1 setup, this subwoofer works perfectly in a living room that runs about 16' x 14'.

    The bass isn't the clearest but for the price tag, I have yet to hear a better sounding subwoofer.

  • Shannon Borden - My Own Personal Wolf Pack

    There was a time in my life when I lived in fear. I lived in fear of standing out and making statements. I was a lone wolf, if you will. I howled at the moon with no wolf friends by my side.

    One day, I was getting dressed, sifting through t-shirt after boring t-shirt. I saw college shirts, sports team shirts, band tees, but none of the shirts were great representations of me. I wanted a shirt that could capture my spirit, my essence, while simultaneously making me look gorgeous. I got on Amazon, where I typically buy my clothing, and came across some wolf t-shirts. I saw myself in these shirts, lone wolves howling at the moon in abundance. But I wanted more than that. Gone were the days of being a lone wolf. The days of a wolf pack were nigh.

    Then I saw it. The forest green color is nearly impossible to skim over as it punctures your line of vision. The glow of the moon was intoxicating. Not one, not two, but three wolves howled in its majesty. I ordered it instantly at the low price of $11.99. They only had XXXLs left, but that was ok with me. Better to drown in greatness than to never feel greatness at all.

    The wait was the worst. I spent 5-10 business days in pure agony and crippling anxiety. Was I equipped to pull off such a fashion risk? Would people stare at me? Would they stare in a good way or a bad way? I'd soon find out.

    When my package arrived six days later, I was riddled with enthusiasm. This was the moment of my evolution. This was the moment my life would change forever. I cut open the box slowly, like Charlie Bucket opening the candy bar that holds a golden ticket. I took a deep breath and folded back the flaps of the box. There it was, gleaming like a burst of sunshine that would awaken my primal being. I held it up in awe. The forest green is so authentic that people actually ask me if I'm the Amazon Rainforest. I tell them yes.

    When I put it on for the first time, it was softer than I anticipated. It felt like I was snuggling with a thousand wolf cubs. Each thread grazed my skin like the soft hand of a friend I've never had. The quality of this product really is astounding. It's like the same thought and detail went into the comfort of the shirt as its design.
    I'd recommend this t-shirt to anyone who wants to get double takes from hot waiters at their Friday night hangout at the Golden Corral. I recommend this shirt to anyone who has ever felt like they were outcasts at the local Walmart. I recommend this shirt to anyone who has ever felt like a lone wolf in a world of wolf packs. This shirt is your wolf pack now.

    I give it five stars and three moons, one for each wolf to howl at.