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  • Pamela D. Poldiak - This stuff really works!I have been using Sweat Block for about nine months now, and it's the only form of antiperspirant I have had to use during that time period. I do still use an all natural deodorant spray to minimize odor, but the SweatBlock eliminates 100% of wetness for me - and that's what I was really looking for. I was tired of sweat stains on my shirts, and worrying about whether sweat would show through when I wore certain outfits. Now I can wear anything I want, anytime - without fear of embarrassing sweat.

    This product does irritate my skin sometimes, so that's something to be aware of. It can cause my underarms to itch, starting about an hour after I put it on. Normally a little hydrocortisone cream will take care of the problem. This irritation is the only thing that I find to be not ideal about the product. But I feel it's a reasonable price to pay for its effectiveness. I put it on once a week, and I'm sweat-free the whole 7 days.
  • Mpyp1111 - Great productAfter struggling with excessive sweating (a side effect from medication) I was fed up and was considering stopping the medication that was helping my condition. After doing some Internet search I came across Sweatblock and decided to give it a try! I actually put it on my face because i was sick of sweating my makeup off. It actually worked! It did burn a little after I put it on but it wasn't unbearable, just slightly uncomfortable. But the burning for a couple of hours was definitely worth it. I also experienced some mild itching, but nothing unbearable. To my surprise I was sweat free on my face for about 5-6 days. Well worth the money. Purchasing more now!
  • Rio Fluz„o - BRILLIANT ANIMAL!I love all the stuff FLOYD did...Most of the songs are great, unique and classic...ANIMALS is another perfect moment! There's 3 storys, and the 3 are amazing! This is a very dark album, but got some of the best guitars from Gilmour...Say what you want about ROGER WATERS, but the man is a genious...Seriously...His way to make music it's soberb...One of the greatest artists of all time, for sure...