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  • FMAC523 "FMAC523" - Peace of mind !!!I cannot say enough about this product ! We travel with our two rescue dogs twice a year and I used to get physically ill worrying about one of them getting away and losing them forever . This is an answer to my prayers - and so simple to use even a non- techno person can easily load the tracker on their phone or laptop . Thank you Tagg for letting me sleep during our trips with " the boys" !
  • Maurice A. Rhodes - Finally, someone has it rightAfter doing a lot of reading in modern philosophers looking for a view of morality that can stand alone (without the support of a god) here it is. I thought John Rawls was close but even he was wobbly at the end. And he was dealing mainly with political morality, not individual morality. But Sam Harris, in very clear prose and impeccable reasoning from scientifically valid experimental data, has shown that morality and the accompanying emotions charted on MRIs are a product of the human brain not some stone tablets thrown down from a mountain. There is a way to go but that is science. There is always new and better evidence but what Sam has presented in this book shows the right road to take.

    Religion does not offer evidence, but myth.
  • P "P" - This is required reading for anyone who wants genuinequality of life and medical care.This book has really been a turning point in my own health trials and trevails and I applaud Dr. Crook and his confederates for persisting despite the typical reaction of the public in rejecting that which is not add water and mix. And yet, this is as simple as that in many ways.I also enjoyed Proof Positive and really think that if Dr. Nedley could explore the yeast connection he would really have a very well rounded book because Dr. Crook has not ignored the very real and pervasive danger of chemicals and their deleterious effect on us humans and it's correlation to yeast problems.Highly recommended reading for the intelligent and open minded.
  • Lynne Hansen-Salak "Cubbie" - Kept me twisting and turning!This book was absolutely extraordinary! The two main characters, especially Amy, would have driven Freud completely mad! The story flows very well and I hated to put it down. When it ended I felt a real emptininess; I wish there was more. However, somehow I knew how things would go.

    I would recommend this book highly and to read it before seeing the movie that's being made. It will never be as good as the book. And, I now plan on reading Gillian Flynn's other books!
  • Jessica Powell - Brilliant bookEven for those who, like our son, do not have the exact conditions addressed in this book*, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall (blessed woman!) is, nonetheless, a brilliant tool for understanding the vital importance of sound nutrition for gut health. It is also an excellent compliment to other good books 'out there', of which Dr. Sally Fallons' Nourishing Traditions is one of the best, and Jordan Rubin's The Maker's Diet, and his second book, with Dr. Joseph Brasco, Restoring Your Digestive Health, also highly informative and helpful. Mrs. Gottschall writes exceedingly well: everything is clear and easy to understand, including the helpful diagrammes; the testimonies are not only moving, but very useful, and the recipes are great. This is both a scholarly and a very accessible book. I read it when our son was dying; it did not save his life directly (an article we stumbled on called Ulcerative or Amoebic Colitis? by two Greek doctors, published in 1969 by Springer Verlag, did), but it was part of a huge picture of loving support in a time of fear and crisis, that God used to bring our son back from the brink of death, and restore his life. Elaine Gottschall's story is very humbling. And my family feels privileged and humbled to know her, through the pages of this great gift to us all. Thank you for making this, and its companion recipe book(s), available to those in need.
    (*Our son turned out to have Amoebic Colitis, which is not only masked, but worsened through the use of anti-inflammatory and Immuno-suppressant drugs; it requires antibiotics with anti-parasitics. Although diet in the recovery phase is of vital importance, it alone alone is not enough to destroy the lethal amoebae in question - Entamoeba histolytica -, which are wrongly thought to be only a 'tropical parasite'. Our son (we live in southern Alberta, Canada; he picked up the disease in the Dominican Republic in May 2012) had been incorrectly diagnosed with "Ulcerative Colitis" and "Celiac Disease" when he had neither. I share this, because Amoebic Colitis is rarely mentioned in any of the otherwise highly informative books on Irritable Bowel Disease / Syndrome, and diets for these conditions. Correct diagnosis is essential; but be warned: some of these parasitical infections are hard to track down in tests. Persevere!)