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  • Rebekah Anne Grider - WOW GOSPEL 2013 - "WOW!"

    WOW GOSPEL 2013 has to be one of the best WOW GOSPEL compilation projects made since 1998! Sure, we can always think of a song that should have been included or even a song by an artist that we felt was a better choice over the one included, but this comes really close to perfection personified. It's practically a greatest hits of 2012 CD! Great job this time. I REALLY hope there's a songbook created, too.

  • sonibill - You will only have buyers remorse while it is being shipped...

    Went back and forth for about 4 months trying to decide to buy a mini or wait or buy a nook or wait or buy a kindle or so on... there are just so many tablets to choose from. Went ahead and invested in a 64gb model which I wouldn't normally do. Happy I did. The ipad goes with me everywhere and consolidates everything I need to do on my laptop as well as providing me much needed entertainment/productivity while I am on contract living in American Samoa. Yes, it can get boring here on the island and the iPad mini lets me read the news, ponder books, study topics, communicate, and basically feel connected to everywhere else in the world. Did I have buyers remorse? Only during the 2 weeks I had to wait for it to get here to the island---now I'm trying to think of a reason to get a black one too. :)

  • R. Marshall - Great little portable hard drive.

    I purchased this hard drive as backup to my lap top computer. Product is doing its job. I knew when I purchased this hard drive that I could not use the windows backup and restore program but for me that is fine. The software that comes loaded on the hard drive is working and doing its job. ThanksSeagate Backup Plus 500 GB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive STBU500101 (Silver)

  • Turtle2038s "Goodstuff" - This book will take you as far as you want to go

    I've enjoyed a previous edition of Photographer's Market and this 2012 version only gets better. Some of my own highlights are the pro photographer Q&A chapters, finding your niche, to the detailed publishers and companies accepting new photo art. These guys did their homework, this book essentially is a must-have for me. This book covers everything from starting a business, invoicing, photo rights, to sneak peaks at equipment some of the pros share in the book.

  • Brad Grenz - Quoted length misleading

    I thought I should mention that while this amazing cable is supposedly 1.5 meters long, I find this quite misleading. When I opened it at first glance 1.5 meters seems accurate. It certainly didn't feel much longer than 4-5 feet in my hands, but I have since used it to span much greater distances.

    So far I have successfully used this cable to share my internet connection with my parents' house across town, create a wired network connection to a nuclear submarine in the Pacific and, most recently, share files with astronauts on the International Space Station in orbit around the Earth.

    I'm not sure how any of this is possible. I suspect it is made of supermolocules, but this cannot be determined with any certainty.

    I am currently planning on buying another cable and sending one end on a rocket to Alpha Centari in hopes of connecting my network to any alien civilizations there. I expect the faster-than-light communication features of this Denon cable will be a great asset in growing our knowledge through contact with other intelligent species.