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  • Dylan - Very Pleased

    I have been using the 2TB model from Seagate. Their are so many things that I like about this External. First off the size of the hard drive for the price I thought was a very good deal. Second the speed with usb 3 was no lower than 40 MB/s and some transfers were above 100. The program that comes on it I personal don't like, but this is no big deal. One of the greatest things is that when I delete something of the drive that is very important it goes to the recycling bin on my computer. The only thing that I would say was a problem for some people is that it is not meant to be carried around (Hence Desktop Hard Drive). These how ever is the reason that I gat this model.

  • S. richardson - chillow pillow

    my doctor recommended this pillow because of hot flashes which it does work but i probably should have bought two!

  • Kathleen - I feel great!

    This book has had a big impact on me, and I never even had back pain! I've been interested in posture since I was a teen, and I'm now in my early 50s. I took a posture class once, have read several books on posture, and have asked several different personal trainers about posture. The information I got from all of these sources was that standing up straight meant pulling your belly button back to be as close as possible to your spine. It meant what Esther Gokhale would call "a tucked pelvis." I read her book because of an on line search for posture on Amazon. Because the information in the book was so thoroughly researched and because the author showed examples of children and those in underdeveloped countries holding themselves the way she recommended, I decided to try carrying myself the way she recommended. It's hard to describe the impact on me. I feel so much better! One example she gives for posture is to observe how a dog carries itself when happy and energetic vs. how a dog carries itself when being asked, "Did you do that?" A dog arches its back and puts its tail down when it is unhappy and carries itself with a straight back when happy. After following the recommendations in Gokhale's book, I appreciate that I just plain feel more confident and energetic carrying myself this way. It was not easy at first. In fact, I had a lot of trouble with adjusting my sleep posture. I used to curl in an almost fetal position with my right arm forward and my shoulder curved forward the way teens slouch. I used to have intermittent shoulder pain and sometimes, in the morning, numbness in my arm all the way to my fingers. No more. I now lie down and deliberately roll my arm back. Last year, I worked as a contractor for a small company in which there were lots of people who had back pain and one who had just gone through back surgery. No wonder: the company had invested a lot of money in chairs that were very obviously expensive and had all sorts of curves. I ended up thinking of my chair as a "torture chair" and eventually switched my chair with a conference room chair. The problem with adjusting to the Gokhale Method of posture is that the chairs we use today and especially the seats in a car promote posture which is not what is recommended in the Gokhale Method. I've gone to garage sales to buy straight-back chairs and bought a Stretchsit (from Gokhale) to reduce the curve in the seat of my van. The benefit of my effort is that I feel great!

  • M. Davis - Pink Floyd... not really but I love it.

    I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. I like Roger Waters as well. This album sounds (as it really is) a Gilmour solo effort with little imput from Wright and NONE from Mason (see album jacket credits). This to me sounds like David Gilmours, About Face solo album. I see little Pink Floyd in this. Unlike Momentary Laspe, there is no Water/old Floyd Feel to it. However, it is a great album for Gilmour slanted fans. I I consider it one of my fav's

  • "mattyjo" - Great Album

    This is a must have for every Pink Floyd fan. Heck, every music fan. This album, while it's not as epic as Dark Side of the Moon, it's just a great album.
    While this album was made in the period I like to call "Water's downfall", it still has enough influence from the earlier albums to make it good.
    This is the missing link between Wish You Were Here and The Wall, which is the only reason it was so good; it starts to show resemblance of the style of The Wall, which, in my opinion, is a stinker.
    But Animals definately is not for the casual listener. It's more of an aquired taste. It reflects Pink's opinions more than other albums, but, maybe it's only because they do it more openly than their others. Especially the song "Pigs (Three Different Ones)"
    And, for anyone who likes Heavy Metal, the song "Sheep" has a little bit of a Heavy Metal sound to it.
    Overall, this is a great album. I would definately recommend this to any music fan, especially those that are Pink.