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  • Andrew M Edmiston - Excellent Product!I was skeptical at first - not sure this thing was really for me; but I've been looking for an easier way to ensure that I'm getting more fruits and vegetables in my diet, so I bought it anyway.

    So far I'm glad I did! I've been using it twice a day for a little over a week - and I honestly don't see how they could have made it any easier to use.

    It blends everything I put into it too a great smoothie consistency in under a minute. Clean up literally takes seconds.

    No issues with leaks at this point.

    My last smoothie blender was such a pain to use that I almost never bothered with it. This thing is so easy to use - it's like it actually helps me make better/healthier choices with my diet.

    Looking forward to seeing how it continues to perform over the next few months.
  • - One of the best thrillers I've ever read.This book straddles the line between James Bond and Tom Clancy.It is packed with money,sex,politics,and some classic cloak and dagger.There are also suprising revelations and riveting anecdotes. I didn't know that Richard Nixon took a bribe from Nicolae Malaxa, a Romanian metallurgist who had connections with the Nazi and Communist party. Malaxa,according to Hersh, was using Nixon to get permanent status in the U.S.,because the immigration authority's were reluctant to let him in. Only a handful of C.I.A officials knew about this bribe. This flies in the face of Nixon's anti-communist credentials.If this were made public,Eisenhower would had dropped Nixon off the ticket as his running mate. Nixons career would had been destroyed,plus the democrats might had waged a counter-offensive against the McCarthyite's. Little wonder why Eisenhower had mixed feelings about Nixon. Hersh would had enhanced his credibility if he included a snapshot of this check,{it was deposited in a Whittier bank},in the photo section. The sexual stuff was serious and hilarious. After reading this book I've become convinced that Kennedy suffered from a severe sexual addiction.It's a condition brought on by genetic's,socialization{i.e. Joe Kennedy},cortisone treatments, and Kennedy's failure to seek treatment for this problem. It's like a drug addict getting a fix of cocaine.In Kennedy's case he was getting his fix from prostitutes and girlfriends. On the other hand I busted a gut when I read the part about Kennedy rushing out of the swimming pool with a bloody mary in his hand, after he found out that Jacqueline was on her way back from a trip. The secret service agents account of the orgy at Bing Crosbys mansion had me rolling over; particularly the part when Dave Powers grabbed some of Crosby's clothes and then plunged in the pool with them, much to Kennedy's amusement. One of Hersh's finest moments was his description of the West VIrginia campaign. It's a depressing one for those who believe in America's unbridled democracy. Hersh tells how the Kennedys poured poured millions into the hands of county sheriff's and local committeeman to put their man at the top of the slate. This account is based on interviews with the sheriffs and the local polticians whowere involved with the pay-offs. One sheriff shocked the Kennedy's when he needed only a few thousand dollars,when some of the sheriffs were pocketing 50,000 dollars. The chapter on the Bay of Pigs could stand more detail, but the anecdotes take up some of the slack.Hersh reveals that four pilots of the Alabama National Guard disregarded Kennedy's cancellation of a second air strike. They took off from Nicaragua in B-26's and bombed Castro. At this part I got a bit disappointed in Hersh. He said the pilots did considerable damage before they were shot down and captured. Yet he didn't describe what kind of damage they did. I liked Hersh's explanation of why Kennedy canceled a second strike.It appears to be one of the few places that Hersh veers away from his overwhelming negativism of Kennedy. Here he paints a somewhat sympathetic picture of a young president caught between a rock and a hard place. If Kennedy does'nt go through with the invasion the right wing Republicans would had accused kennedy of being soft on communism. That would give them more impetus to stall Kennedy's domestic legislation. On the other hand a second strike would tip the Russians off to America's involvement, and Khruschev would had been pressured by hard liners in the Kremlin to call off a summit with Kennedy. That would be a major foreign policy blow for Kennedy. Thus the invasion minus the second air strike. Kennedy risked failure,but at least he would have his summit. He could also minimize fallout from the conservative republicans. Cold hard political calculation. Kennedy was more of a poltical animal than the idealist he's mythologized as. Yet Hersh failed to take Berlin into account. If Kennedy moved full throttle into Cuba, Russia probably would had retaliated in Berlin. Kennedy would be compelled to send armored divisions into Berlin. He'd had faced a two front war in Berlin and Cuba.Not an auspicious start for the new frontier. The best part of the book for me was the breakdown in arms between America and Russia. I could not get enough of this. Hersh shows that notwithstanding the 134 warheads Khrushchev sent to Cuba, the U.S. still maintained an overwhelming superiority, with 3000 nuclear warheads,compared to Russiia's paltry 250 warheads and 40 missile launchers. Still,Hersh shows that by having medium ranged missiles in Cuba,Russia had the capability of destroying places like Washington D.C. Hersh shows that though Kennedy looked tough to his associates,he consistently compromised via a backchannel to the Soviets.One example is the Cuban Missile Crisis. Khruschev was not as humialiated as the American public was lead to believe.He not only got a guarantee that America would not invade Cuba,{in return for removing the missiles from Cuba},but he got a secret deal on the removal of Jupiter missiles from Turkey. Strategically this was not a major concession. The Jupiter's were unreliable. Anyway the U.S. could take out the Russians with land and submarine based missiles. Politically,it was another story, if the Jupiter trade were made public the right wing would had cried foul, and Kennedy's public relations coup post missile crisis would had been tarnished. This is probably the first Kennedy book I've ever read that includes actual accounts of Judith Exner ferrying money from Kennedy to mobster Sam Giancana.One item that blew me away was the part when the security chief of General Dynamics tried to bug Exner's apartment,so he could get enough dirt on Kennedy and Exner to blackmail the administration into selecting GD over Boeing to build the TFX fighter. To say that this book is a definitive account of the Kennedy's would be a mistake. It's too biased. For example,Robert Kennedy is depicted as a ruthless one dimensional person.There is some truth in this. He did push obsessively for Castro's murder, behaving more like a mobster than an attorney general.On the other hand,Hersh ignores Robert Kennedy's role in the civil rights movement. Nonetheless the book is too well researched to ignore.It is packed with interviews, footnotes, and Hersh sometimes refer to other well written books about Kennedy. To those who feel heavily disillusioned about Kenndy because of this book,well I have two words of consolation.NO#1,no person in this world can live up to our ideals.NO#2 often the reality about a person is much more interesting than the myth. Disconcerting, yes, but also quite compelling. Kennedy should be accepted as the complex person he really was than the myth we Americans have shouldered him with. Thank you for reading this commentary.
  • lea stedt - Dan Brown Fires-up Another Great TaleI enjoy reading Dan Brown novels. His descriptions of the settings place me in spaces I dream of visiting. The characters are variable and ordinarily believable. The plots are the most fun twisting and turning, though predictable at times, they provide enough surprise to make it hard for me to put the story away long enough to take care of other business.
  • S. R. Lane - This book was review bombed by an activist groupI haven't read this book yet, but that's OK because none of the 25 one-star reviews read it either. Note that many have been left in a row a lot of them contain text copy-pasted from a fetal alcohol syndrome group.

    While I haven't actually read the book, I can address their beef: The proof that restrained drinking after the first trimester has no effect on the fetus is overwhelming. Most European countries don't hand out cold-turkey drinking advice to pregnant mothers, so we have a ton of data on this. The primary reason that medical professionals in the US advise no drinking at all is that people with a drinking problem are known to drastically underestimate how much they're drinking. So if you're a pregnant alcoholic and are told that a little bit is all right, you're likely to drink a lot and convince yourself it's a little bit. The guidelines in the US are primarily social engineering targeting that group. That's actually not an unreasonable position for medical advice to take. It's just not *scientific*.

    I knew this when I was pregnant and still didn't drink. It seemed like a good mental exercise.

    Now go read the book. :)