National College of Natural Medicine | Naturopathic & Chinese Medicine - The National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) is an accredited Medical School in Naturopathic and Classical Chinese Medicine located in Portland, OR.

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City: 66062 Olathe, Kansas

  • 50 Shades of Bic - Engrossing and Facinating but DANGEROUS! BEWARE!!I was reading this masterpiece while walking down the sidewalk, totally captivated. I wandered onto the street and BAM! I was completely blindsided by a fully loaded iron ore cargo vessel. This book should be purchased in conjuction with How to Avoid Huge Ships for safety reasons.

    Spoiler Alert! 431115 did it.
  • Rebcat - Great productMy husband were trying for our second child. It was a struggle getting pregnant with our first - it took 29 months from start to birth including a misscarrage and fertility treatments. So for the second time around I decided to try FertileAid, FertileCM, and OvaBoost (the trinity, as i call it) before going back to the specialist. It was on our third month trying that I started the three supplements and I got pregnant that cycle. I am very much a fan. Although it is a lot of pills daily: three FertileAid, three FertileCM, four OvaBoost. And the pills are similar looking. The FertileCM is slightly smaller than the other two and the FertileAid and OvaBoost are very similar with a slight variation in the color. So you need to keep track of them while taking them.
    I had no side effects at all. The pills are easy to take.
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  • K. M Merrill "justine" - this is slow cooking!I have about 6 slow cooker books and was eager to look into this one. My favorite magazine for slow cooking disapeeared. This book is the definete edtion of how to get the most from your cooker. the ingrediant list is not terrible, directions are not complex and it works well.
    the only thing that needs caution is some of the best dishes are only about 4 hrs, not 6-8. I suggest you buy a programamable cooker that goes to warm.
  • kev6677 "TECHNO JUNKIE" - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL YOUR CHINOBYL EXPERIMENTSOh boy so I bought this to build a fully functional replica of the chinobyl reactor I mean who would have thought you did not need to go to russia to get this stuff. by the way do we really knew what happened in Russia so many years ago, needless to say I had to find out....boy oh boy once I finished my testing, how do we say russian for....(((( Meltdown ))))..... i mean wow just wow this stuff actually works, to bad I had to abandon my hometown cause of all the fallout and radioactivity stuff but oh well. Sure was lots of fun ...