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  • Upset - Response to reporters: "Who cares?"

    I have gotten some questions from reporters about my Mizuno Wave Riders, most recently on how I felt about the governor's press statement today that standing in my awesome Rouge Red running shoes for 13 hours discussing the ramifications of pending legislation on a woman's right to choose might indicate that I hadn't learned from my life. To which I responded to the reporter, "Who cares?"

  • Dangerous Fashions - Really Impressed!

    Being on the The Plan I've learned that it's not about calorie counting, which is a huge shock to me (i was a counting calorie weigh everything person and even had a BodyBugg from the Biggest Loser tv show to help), but eating foods your body can digest. I was told by a doctor to cut out all acidic foods (coffee, wine, chocolate, chile', etc), and that didn't work. I was still getting sick daily.
    Being on The Plan I've found out I can actually have all those things including Half&Half & sugar w/my coffee, as many chocolate almonds I want, REAL butter with anything & still lose weight. There's no carb/fat/protein counting. And I can eat unlimited Unsalted Kettle Chips (2-8oz a day) & still lost weight. Kind of crazy but true. I've cut out all salt (and some other stuff I found I was "reactive" to), unless it's sea salt. Thus far I've dropped 2 dress sizes without any exercise and I'm not sick daily! That's huge for I was getting afraid to eat anything at all. Unfortunately it's not helped my fibromyalgia in any way, but hey at least one health problem is in check.
    I'm so grateful for this book!

  • W. Easley "Opa" - Shattered Memories

    Kiss is a psychological thriller, a mystery that mystifies me every chapter. This novel has more twists than a high mountain road, every time you understand the plot, it changes. Kiss is the story of the intense spiritual struggle of Shauna McAllister, daughter of Senator McAllister, a candidate for President of the United States.

    Shauna is a troubled girl estranged most of her life from her father and abused by her step mother. Shauna survives a traffic accident that paralyzes her beloved brother and leaves her in a coma for many weeks. Upon awakening from her coma, she suffers from amnesia and is unable to recall her accident and the last six months of her life. She is accused of causing the accident and of injuring her brother and sabotaging her father's Presidential campaign. Although low in self esteem, Shauna feels that she could not have behaved as people claim.

    How does one feel with partial amnesia? Shauna meets people who know her, but she does not remember them. She is told of events she cannot recall and her frustration and anxiety increases. Who can she trust, a boyfriend she doesn't remember, an uncle that says he believes her but leaves her alone? Can she trust the police, her doctors, or the journalists who vie for her story?

    During her frustrating recovery, Shauna has vivid dreams. Most of the dreams are detailed and very real and frightening. Some of her visions seem to be from the experiences of other people, many that she barely knows. The visions further panic this already vulnerable girl.

    Shauna is persistent in her efforts to resolve her dilemma. Can she recover the faith and hope she had as a child? Can she reclaim her father's affection and trust?

    If you like suspense, you will love Kiss. If you enjoy delving into spiritual forces, you must read Kiss. If you enjoy political adventure and psychological twists, get this book.