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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 90232 Culver City, California

  • Andrew Smith Sr - Island gold

    maybe you're afraid to buy a certain CD and discover you only have 2 maybe 3 hits you like and you're bomb, this is not that, this is top ranking stuff handed to you on a silver platter made from the finest tunes from a long line of thoroughbreds, mix this with the rum punch and you have instant island party aka fete, cool runnings man!

  • AR - Perfect Netflix Watcher and Comic book reader

    Perfect android tablet for all of my media needs, I am not super demanding of the tablet, I just want to watch netflix, and read my comic books and maybe play some basic games. Works fine for that.

    Battery life is good enough to watch for several hours on a single charge.

  • NurseLeigh - Great mild taste, no burn!

    This is a fantastic product, especially if you are prone to ulcers because it neutralizes acid rather than making it worse like most (acidic) mouthwashes do. It also doesn't have the acidic "burn" that most mouthwashes do. Just a mild, pleasant minty taste. I love this product and highly recommend it! Probably great for teeth sensitive to acidity, too!