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  • TCARCAMO - One of the best C3D Books Out There

    For those learning civil 3d for the first time and for those looking for more advance design, this books is a great stepping stone. This book will guide you through step by step procedures on how to create pipe networks, street corridors, parcels, grading , subdivision design, points, surface and much more. On top of that, the books also includes data set drawings files for your practice exercise drawings. The book is very user friendly and will definitely help cad managers in their company training. This book should be on all techs and specially cad managers desk.

  • Timothy Mc - Really enjoying the 32 GB Prime.

    This is my first tablet and so far it seems to be working as advertised. Had a 64 GB model ordered for a month and was still looking at another week to three weeks before scheduled delivery. Kept checking Amazon several times a day to see if anything on its site changed and just happened to see that Amazon was selling a few 32 GB Primes for regular price. I immediately ordered one. They did not last long. That was on Wednesday. It was not suppose to ship until Friday, but it shipped a day early. As I had signed up for one day shipping, it was at my door on Friday - three days earlier than expected. Good job Amazon.

    I have read most, if not all, of the reviews of this tablet on Amazon's site and am aware of the several problems purchasers have reported. So far I have experienced none of them. I plugged in the power supply right off and then started using the device while it was charging. The battery appeared to be partially charged already and it only took a few hours before it showed that it was fully charged. After I figured out how to connect to my wifi, the tablet reported that updates were available, which downloaded and installed without a problem. I spent a good six to seven hours on the tablet after receiving it and I had no wifi problems, reboots, or crashes. Have not tried to see how many GPS satellites it can lock onto. I do not foresee using that feature to any great degree.

    As others have stated, it has a really great screen and the tablet is quite thin. It would have been nice if it had been lighter. Holding it to read for long stretches is out of the question. I have a really light six inch ereader that has spoiled me. However, the ereader is no good for PDF files, but the Prime displays them beautifully.

    So far I am loving this tablet. I will update after I play with it some more or if it encounters problems. Being that it is my first tablet, I still have a lot to learn about it.

    April 21, 2012:

    I have had this tablet for two and one-half months now and have been using it most everyday. I love it. I have had no problems with it. I use it mostly to read ebooks, online news, check email, Youtube, Facebook, and a few other duties. It only has three games on it so I am not a big game player. It continues to work like a charm. I generally leave it in sleep mode when not using it. Occasionally, when it seems to slow down, I will turn it off and restart it. I do not know if resources are being tied up or not but restarting it solves those problems. That has not happened but a few times though.

    I have an ebook reader which works fairly well, but it sometimes takes a number of seconds to load an ebook or advanced to another section, so it is really nice having this tablet and being able to load ebooks, advance and backup either pages or chapters in but a brief moment.

    I have not used the GPS feature, so its weakness does not bother me. Sometimes the signal indicator for Wi-fi shows a weak signal, but it always continues to work. I have my wireless router fairly centrally located, so I am not ever too far away. Sometimes the signal has to pass through some furniture and a wall or two, but that is about it. I probably should download an app to test the signal to see how much it is affected when the indicator shows that it is weak.

    Overall, I am still loving this tablet and have no complaints about it.

  • Judith Lambert - A FANTASTIC READ!

    This author accomplished what I would have loved to do. His 20 year research provided the answers to so many of my questions about who the historical Jesus was and proves that most of the stories in the Bible are not to be believed. It has reaffirmed my belief that the Bible contains mostly misinformation and outright fallacies than any of us could imagine. I read it once and now I am pouring through it again. I'd like to thank Reza Aslan for what he has done for all of us.

  • Duchrow - Not just a teen book

    The story has the allure of a Harry Potter, introducing characters you like and dislike... that the reader can relate to and emphasize with. The violence is downplayed and the moral dilemmas brought up as choices we all make to lesser degree. Destroying the competition in daily life is present for everyone. Will Katniss choose love over triumph? Will Peeta die to protect his childhood love or sacrifice her to save himself? Will Haymitch ever sober up?
    Love. Excitement. Friendship. Even a gentle humor. This is a start to a story you want to keep reading.

  • Erica C. "Erica" - Great lightweight stroller

    Purchased this stroller for our trip and I love it already! Lightweight and compact and the color is awesome! Does not feel flimsy at all and pushes/turns with ease. The basket is small but that is true with most umbrella strollers. Purchased the Infantino Stretch for more storage and couldn't be happier. The only negative is that the seat portion that hits at the back of the knees is not adjustable, wish it did. Overall a great product! **UPDATE** The little "J" clip on the safety harness broke while on vacation in february. I rigged a solution and forgot about it until July. I just called Inglesina customer service this week and told them the situation. No problem they said just e-mail the purchase invoice and we'll send out a new harness. I did just that and received a whole new safety harness by fedex 2 days later. Awesome customer service in my book!!