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  • Thomas M. Magee - Best Election book out there!!!It is clearly the best book out there. This book is a real page turner. Once you start you won't be able to put the book down. It puts you in the councils of the candidates as the talk about the inside strategy. This book is just like the classic books on the elections from past years by Theodore White. They talk politics like it is a sports event. They translate the excitement of the event for the all, especially the politically uneducated.

    Now, the book isn't perfect. Certain trends and bias does jump out. The impact of the minor candidates has been minimized. It would have been a better book if they told things from their side more instead of dismissing them. The authors concentrate more on the primary side of the race. Events at the end of the race needs more attention. Coverage of the last few weeks of the race is very short. The concluding chapter offers some real insight on why things occurred that way. It would have been nice to see more on that material.
  • "Constantine" "" - Ayurveda and FoodThis book is great. I read it and coupled it with an alternative medicine text called "Ayurveda: A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional Indian Medicine for the West" by Yale psychiatrist, Frank John Ninivaggi MD. I highly recommend both books for a comprehensive understanding of food and health.
  • AZgoodbooks "mikesimons" - Proof positive - the SCD works!I have been on this regimen for three years. During this time I have been drug and symptom free. A year and half ago I posted the following review, which is even more dramatic proof now: After a year and a half on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I finally followed my gastroenterologist's request to get a colonoscopy. After all, it had been over four years since the last time anyone had given me any sort of exam of the gut, and 18 years with Crohns. My doc said "We got all the way to the cecum. No evidence at all of Crohns. No scars. No inflammation. Nothing. You look completely normal." This dietary modification is far better than a drug-induced remission for me because even in past drug-induced 'remissions' my past exams have showed indication of disease. Now there are no drugs, no side effects. I believe this diet is a superior way to bring on a controlled remission.This book guides the patient through the process of understanding their illness, describing the research that contributed to creating the diet, how to start the diet, what foods can be added and when. The book also contains valuable a list of links to "SCDiet" resources and online support groups that are available over the Internet.
  • apoem "apoem" - A Sure WinnerWith cars blowing up around her, dead bodies appearing in everywhere, and a frustrated romance between a fellow bounty hunter OR a cop, and she can't decide which she wants- Stephanie Plum books are a riot. This is one of the funniest of the bunch.Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter. Her grandmother is too much. Her grandmother is a bounty hunter wannabe. I love her grandmother, she wears wild clothes, carries a gun, and says the types of things we all want to say. Her mother is the worrier of the family and as one reads these books, it's easy to see why. I woke my husband up laughing so hard. I lent this book to my mother and my dad decided to read it to find out what was so funny. What a great book. I don't know how many cars Stephanie can blow up, I hope to find out as the series continues. As she searches for her missing Uncle Fred a host of funny things happen to Stephanie. She has an on and off romance with a cop, her incredibly sexy fellow bounty hunter seems to want to have a romance of some sort and a small person camps out at her house and won't leave. To top all of that off, everyone carries a gun, including her grandmother and Stephanie always manages to leave hers in the cookie jar.
  • Msl8dy - Great product!I use this product for billing my customers and keep track of receivables. It works great for my purposes and I would purchase it again. Because of my simple needs, I had previously used the online version, but when my office space changed and I no longer needed the flexibility of accessing anywhere, this solution seemed the logical one. I haven't regretted making the switch.