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  • Xenon 6 "Mark Ellis" - a refreshing view on human sexuality based on search engines and leading researchSo what does analysis of all the Google searches tell us about who we are and how does fit with the research into sexuality? If you have opinions on Porn read this book. Not the usual stuff written by Christians or militant feminists.

    Proposes alternative views to the old “objectification of women” theories.
    This book gives a refreshing view on human sexuality.
  • Christine Smith - Nothing else worked!This was purchased for my 13 year old daughter. She has tried everything including proactive, prescription topical medication, prescription pills plus anything and everything you could buy at the drug store. It has been 4 weeks and every day is a little better than the day before. Her break outs were so bad that it looked painful. Her cheeks, chin and forehead were covered with break outs. Now she just has some scarring that will need time to heal. But she no longer wears make up because her face is clear enough to not need it.
  • Darryl R. Morris "Kidzdoc" - A fabulous sequel to her masterpiece about Tudor EnglandThe long awaited sequel to the 2009 Booker Prize winning novel "Wolf Hall", which chronicles the rise of Thomas Crowell from a despised blacksmith's son to the right hand man of Henry VIII and arguably the most powerful man in England, lives up to its high expectations. She, Mantel, resumes the story after the execution of Thomas More, and focuses on the downfall of Anne Boleyn, Henry's second wife, who fails to bear him a male heir and becomes less desirable in his eyes. He becomes obsessed with Jane Seymour, the former lady-in-waiting to Anne and her predecessor, Katherine of Aragon, and Cromwell is given the task of uncovering information that would nullify his marriage to Anne, so that Jane can replace her as Henry's spouse.

    She, Mantel, portrays Cromwell as the ultimate chessmaster, as he expertly and deviously manipulates his pieces and captures those of his opponent, while maintaining control of the board at all times until the final outcome is a foregone conclusion. Old slights and seemingly innocent comments by former friends and foes are used by Cromwell to his utmost advantage, to bring down Anne and to increase his own power and influence with Henry. As in Wolf Hall, the dialogue is witty and bitingly humorous, and the action filled narrative made this a book that was nearly impossible to put aside until its foregone conclusion.

    "Bring Up the Bodies" is nearly as brilliant as "Wolf Hall", as she, Mantel, proves again to be one of the contemporary masters of historical fiction. It certainly deserves to be included on the upcoming Booker longlist, and I will look on with interest to see if it can claim additional literary prizes for its fabulously talented author.
  • Jaymie Dahan "J-ME" - Fantastic product, first time user, would buy again!I think it's the simplicity that makes this such a pleasure to use. It's my first Roku and I barely knew anything about it before buying it. My dad wanted one so I got him a gift, and he loves it too! He really likes the added benefit of the Roku 3 that lets you use headphones.
    Although I did give it 5 stars, I would like to see an app for showtime anytime which I use quite often. I love that roku lets you search a title, and then it will list all the different applications that are hosting that particular movie or actor. That way you know if one of your subscriptions has the movie you're looking for without going through each one and searching one at a time.

    Some really nice features, and I look forward to more to come in the near future.