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City: 19108 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • John M Aegerter - Wonderful!Once I figured out how to use it (read instructions) which took me about an hour because I did not read instructions first, it was very easy to use and quick to respond. I bought it because I needed help getting around Chicago and it worked beautifully. I needed to be able to see it when not on the dash so I bought the larger screened model.
  • Dave - The only thing that works for meI have terrible issues with excessive sweat which is a side effect of two medications I take. You must use it as per the instructions. For me personally I have to apply it consistently every 4 days. But it was getting to the point that I was dreading social situations, but this stuff really works. I'm the life of the party again. Yeehaaah!
  • Abby Cook - Best choice for MCAT prepI'm prepping to take the MCAT in 2013 and have found this book to be extremely easy to navigate. Not that the material we're studying isn't amazingly interesting (sarcasm), but this book makes for easy-reading versus the alternatives that I've bought along with it (Princeton Review, Exam Krackers, etc). After I registered my book online, it was so easy to access practice tests and online studying material. The 3 free practice tests online are amazing, allowing you to read through every single question and have detailed answers with them when you finish taking it. I find Kaplan to be the best in MCAT prep, so this book did not disappoint.
  • Michael J. Orteiza "salehunter" - Reactive/intolerant foodsI have used this book for 3 weeks and have been on the plan
    for 2 weeks. Both my husband and I have lost 30 pounds. We
    are learning which foods may not be best suited for us. We are
    different in the foods we both can tolerate. Very interesting which foods are
    reactive(intolerant) for us. This will be a life changing way we
    eat food.
  • T. Patocka - Never let me down.I have owned this Keurig Mini Plus for almost nine months now and I have been averaging two cups per day with this machine. I use only purified drinking water in it as our town has very hard water that scales on everything when it air dries. We also have a Keurig Platinum back at our home as I keep the Mini in my classroom and I find the coffee to taste identical on both machines. I have never had a problem with my Mini and I always remove my K-cup after brewing as I have heard that by leaving it in until the next day can cause, over time, the injection tube to clog up. Like I mentioned before, my machine has performed flawlessly for the coffee that I run through it. Maybe I have had good luck as I don't run hot chocolate nor lattes through it which if you don't run a rinse cycle can cause problems.

    If there were anything that I would change about this machine it would be the following...
    1. The container that you fill with water takes some practice as if you overfill the level the water needs to be brought to, the water overflows in to the overflow tray where your cup rests which leads into problem #2...

    2. Not a lot of clearance to get tall cups underneath the spout where the coffee comes out. You can use most mugs just fine and you can remove the overflow tray once all of the water has drained into the heating tank but that only buys you about one extra inch of mug clearance. Because of this I either brew the coffee into a small mug and transfer it to a larger travel one or use the disposable 12oz cups you buy from the store as they just fit.

    Do I think this machine deserves a star deduction for these issues? No. If you use a regular sized mug you can sit it right on top of the drip tray therefore the machine performs as promised.

    I do feel that this machine is worth the investment but I recommend holding off until Black Friday to pick one up as many places sell them well below $100.