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  • N. Lopez - MOST EXCELLENTI have been using biosilk for many many years now, and recently my bottle was running low and i wanted to try something new. My hair is naturally oily. I have to wash it once daily to prevent it from looking oily. This product did not leave my hair greasy, and i recently started having these little flyaway hairs sticking up all over the place. This product left those hairs evenly blending in with the rest of my hair (they didn't stick up anymore) and also left my hair VERY shiny and soft (much softer than the biosilk did).

    The smell to me was kinda fruity, like a grape candy almost, but the smell doesn't stay on your hair when you put the product on, it seems to just intensify whatever smell (such as the scent of your shampoo) is already in your hair. Personally i do like the way it smells though.

    I've been using it for over a month now and am still very pleased with it. My only suggestion is to not use too much of it. A little bit really goes a long way. The days that I used more than recommended, my hair the next day when I woke up was more oily than normal. My hair is very thick and long and I only have to use smaller than a dime size for all of my hair, then I use another size half that amount for the ends of my hair.

    And last but not least, you can also use this product on your skin. I've been using it on my legs after I shave and it leaves my legs silky smoothe and soft and also decreases the skin irritation from the razor.

    I absolutely love this product and highly recommend it!
  • Geo "Real Music Lover" - Funny Man, a life like a jazz tune!Respect, respect, respect! You'll come away with it. At the same time schedule a doctors appointment before you read this as you will have a mysterious pain in your side by the end of the book- from laughter---Enjoy-I did!
  • Overworked Mom - Move over E.L. JamesWhen I bought these pens I assumed I'd be using them for my usual day-to-day activities; Balancing my Cheque Book, To Do lists, Grocery Lists, Bank Robbery notes ect. Little did I know it would unleash my inner sex goddess. Move over E.L James there's a new porn writer in town. If you thought 50 Shades of Grey was risqué, Black as Night will truly push the envelope. In comparison 50 Shades of Grey could be described as a "Women empowerment novel that should be the go to Bible in every Women's Shelter". If you think being beaten black and blue, and controlled by a Dysfunctional Man is sexy then this is one book you'll want to read. Now my pens don't need to write those Bank Robbery notes anymore, my publisher tells me based on the success of E.L James my book is going to sell billions of copies!! My only fear is as I start my second book in the series the pink pen has dried up. I don't know if they put higher levels of estrogen in the more feminine pink or if its just the power of suggestion but already I'm noticing subtle changes in my main character. You might say she's "developing a back bone," this will clearly not go over well with my faithful readers based on the legions of 50 Shade's fans. Once I finish my second novel I'll review the purple ink, for now I give the pink one 5 stars!
  • MaryLouise Hawken "MaryLouise Hawken" - fascinating womanPing Fu is a real inspiration for people everywhere, but most especially for women and those who have experienced oppression in their lives. She made many mistakes in her life, but she always learned from them and then continued on as a stronger, more compassionate person. I would recommend this book to everyone.