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  • Stan Stinson - Jones delivers again!If you've read The Noticer you already know Jones and will be happy to learn more from his perspective-challenging insight in The Noticer Returns.

    If you have never met Jones before I encourage you to get your own copy of The Noticer Returns and meet him today. You will be glad you did. He will either give you a new perspective on life or remind you of one you may not have thought of lately.

    The stories keep you interested but the perspective gained might just change your life!
  • Jay - Don't see the problemI recently received my Prime, and am happy to report that it runs every game(Including Shadowgun) smooth as silk. I faced none of the dreaded crashes after the ICS update. The battery life is great, even running games regularly it lasts for a couple days on a single charge. It truly is the best tablet on the market today. No WiFi issues that i have noticed, it actually gets better signal than my iTouch. Haven't tried the gps function yet, but if i wanted to have help navigating around my house, i would have bought a dedicated device. There were some delays in my order, but i contacted Amazon and they were eager to correct the issue and it (the Prime) was shipped the next day
  • Robin - Spending time with Billy CrystalThe first few chapters of this book really do feel like a stand-up act, a really funny one. I was amazed that he could sustain it. Usually I find endless strings of jokes exhausting.

    But just when you think it might get tedious Crystal slows down and tells you about his wife, kids, uncle, mother. He's not afraid to talk about death, but he does in a way that's surprisingly thoughtful.

    I liked this book a lot. His jokes made me laugh now but his memories of his wife, Mom, uncle, kids and beloved Yankees will stay with me much longer.