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City: 29425 Charleston, South Carolina

  • Lawrence J. Danks "Lawrence J Danks" - An Outstanding and Fascinating History of Calvin Coolidge

    In addition to all the scholarship and experience Ms.Schales brings to the life of President Coolidge,an additional strong point of the book is that it presents him in the context of his time, providing excellent insights into the many events of the day. Although she does not hesitate to indicate some of the weaknesses of the Harding administration that preceded President Coolidge's, Ms.Schales provided positive insights into Harding that give a more balanced view of him, one that is rarely seen. Her analysis makes it clear to an objective reader that Coolidge was far from the "do nothing President" he is often characterized as, and that Harding might not necessarily belong at the bottom of the presidential rankings, where he is frequently found.(That is my take from the reading, not a point the author made.)

    "Coolidge" provides a great view of the President's earlier years, his continual rise throughout his career as a man who always seemed to be at the right place at the right time, his presidency and his retirement years. Ms. Schlaes' presentation of Grace Coolidge underscores the long held opinion of her cheerful and highly supportive personality in being a model First Lady.

    I've read well over a dozen books about President Coolidge, created as a research source for his life, character and humor, and written a one man show about his life that I performed on a few occasions. My only point in mentioning this is to indicate that I have more than a glancing familiarity with President Coolidge's life and high character. Ms. Schales book is at the top of the list in terms of Coolidge scholarship and is a noteworthy high point in the resurgence of positive opinion about the President.

  • Mike Gardner - This is the most amazing Christmas book in the history of mankind

    This book is utterly amazingly fantastic!! Sarah Palin is the most prolific mind to grace the pages of contemporary political discourse since Walt Whitman, nay, Socrates. Dear reader, I cannot even begin to describe what an orgiastic feast of the senses this novel represents. It’s like, each pointed word cascades into the next, and all of a sudden, you’re having one of those deep and profound existential orgasms, but not the crappy, superficial kind…the kind where it’s like…HE KNOWS MY NAME!! He’s willing to kiss me on my face!! It is quite literally that majestic.

    What I don’t understand is how all this stuff ties in with aliens and that business of Jimmy Carter running the Mexican drug cartels. Where’s your proof of that? The thing is, I really want to eviscerate these stupid liberals with that debate point, but I don’t consider ‘whitepowerrevolution’ to be an extremely reputable website. Also, as a devout Christian, I of course 100% agree with you that homosexual atheists will bring about the Second Coming of Christ, but as a political scientist, I fail to see how this correlates to a failure in the central tenants of Marxism.

    Oh, but MAN, everything you wrote about Santa being socialist sex-slaver who cheats on his taxes and works for George Soros?? My gawd. That could never be described as anything less than electric-Shakespeare.

    I love you so much, Sarah Palin. You complete me.