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  • Stephen "WiseBuyer" - Easy and FunI am not an artist. This is my 3rd drawing program. I love it. Easy to set up, easy to use. The help system is the manual (I think) and is a little brief. But the program itself is easy to learn with experimentation. For me, a beginner, this is a great starter drawing program. My guess is I will never need another. I can draw diagrams and trees with ease. The program is clearly capable of more than I am just yet, but seems very easy to learn so I expect to get better with it quickly.
  • Spiritually Growing "Stacey" - Great book for eczema, too, but I needed it and more.I think the book is great, but for me it was not enough. I also needed mega-doses of vitamins and minerals to help aid the body in its healing process.

    I had a reaction to amoxycillin a couple years ago. The rash never went away except while I was on a lot of drugs and topically applying steroids. Eventually, I was diagnosed with eczema, but the rash still would not go away. Around October, someone I met told me about the book Healing Psoriasis by Dr. Pagano, so I bought it. I took myself off gluten since many people react to it. I also took myself off nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers - bell, paprika, red, jalapeno, etc.) since the body has difficulty dealing with some toxin they contain when it is compromised. I did not eat foods with sugar. I still did not get better, though. In fact, as winter approached I got worse.

    I eventually saw a nutritional therapist. (Although he has a doctorate, he is not considered a medical doctor.) My immune system was compromised. He put me on 1000mg of primrose oil three times a day, a calcium pill that I take three times a day, and two bio-immunozyme pills three times a day. The pills are taken with meals and the body can more efficiently use the supplements if taken over the course of the day rather than all at once. Three calcium pills contains 50mg Vitamin C, 400 IU of D, 570mg Calcium, 375mg Magnesium, 3mg Boron 60mg Glutamic Acid, and 29 mg L-lysine. Two Bio pills contain 6667IU of A in a natural form, vitamin C and a lot of B-vitamins. Most of the percents of daily values are way over 200%, but because my immunity was compromised I needed that. I don't know that anyone else will want the same products, but the bio pills are sold at amazon at,
    and the calcium at

    The reason for the mega doses was to aid my body in healing itself. The nutritionist also suggested avoiding sugar and milk products and making sure that I get enough fiber and protein in my diet.
    I lived with the rash for over a year before seeing the nutritionist. I saw the nutritionist in December 2008. I noticed a small improvement in 4 weeks. Now about 18 weeks later, I have very little itch and very little rash. I know I am not completely better, but it takes time for the body to clear the toxins (from all the drugs) from itself and heal completely. Unfortunately, I am still unable to eat nightshades. The rash and itching will get worse if I eat any of them.

    I should add that I was tested for allergies and, according to the tests, I am not allergic to any of the fifty or more items that are typically tested. I have attempted going out to eat and it is difficult to find a restaurant that will leave out spices in the cooking. Seasoning salt which frequently has paprika and chili pepper will make me worse. I must watch the chemicals that I breathe as well as the food that I eat. I have unvented gas logs and discovered that using them will cause me to get worse. My husband can use certain strong cleaning agents in another room, but I will still break out from them. Cigarette smoke will also make me worse.
  • Patrick Shepard - cannot go back to biking without themi have just started mountain biking and decided to get clips after having my feet slip off the pedals on rough trails. The clips make a huge difference. i have more power while pedaling, i have jump over much larger logs, and my feet no longer slip off the pedals. the shoes are comfortable, and look like normal shoes while walking around. The shoes are a bit heavy compared to some alternatives, but that doesnt bother me. As the size i am between a 45 and 46. I decided to error on the larger side and selected the 46, which fit me just fine.
  • Matkins - Fantastic book!!!I rented Divergent (the first book in the series) from the Library because I'd seen it mentioned on Pinterest. I ended up reading it in one night and couldn't wait to read the next book! This book was just as good - interesting and fast-paced. I would highly recommend it to fans of the Hunger Games or any dystopian society book. I can't wait for the third book to come out on October 20th!
  • L. Loarmays - Janet Rocks!I actually finished this book several months ago, and am eagerly awaiting 'Hot Six' to hit the shelves. I must say that I have NEVER been so completely entertained by a series of books as I have been by the Stephanie Plum novels; I have been suffering from severe Plum withdrawal since I finished 'High Five'. My sister turned me on to these books last summer and I read one right after another until they were gone, and I have been desolate ever since! These books appeal to readers of all ages--even my Mom and Dad are reading them! I love it! Can't wait for book six. Stephanie Plum is the ultimate amateur sleuth, not to mention bounty hunter extraordinare! Janet Evanovich's characters are SO colorful and she describes things in such detail, you will believe that you KNOW these people--she is truly amazing. FANTASTIC reads!