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  • Denise Baldwin - So far it's working great.

    Bought this for my husband. It works great and the flavors seem just fine to me. We are checking to see if it will save us money overall with the cost of the CO2 cartridge. We are counting to see how many bottles we can get out of one. But it definitely will save on bottles going to the landfill & pollution!!!! Eliminates the manufacture of more plastic bottles and saves fuel necessary to deliver the products to the store. We have a very small kitchen & it doesn't take up much space. Being white it just blends into the background against our white walls.

  • youngmommy - im so happy i took the chance

    Ok so i bought fertilaid and took it for two weeks 3 pills a day and i had no side effects until two later i started getting really bad mood swings and started throwing up so i stop taking them but after a week i was still sick and getting my husband told me to take s preg test i didn't want to see another negative test but i did and for the girst time ever after trying for a year i got my first positive

  • Charissa M. Welsh - LOVE MY PRIME!

    I've named her Aces, and I take her with me everywhere! This is my absolute favorite piece of tech equipment EVER, and I'm a major techno-weenie! My only problem was trying to inert a micro SD card. I put it in wrong and was afraid I would damage the machine. Other than that, it's light and fast and the screen resolution is fabulous! I watch movies on it, read books, and play games wherever I go. This tablet has been my daily companion. I can't say enough about how much I love this thing, but I'll stop now anyway.

  • Sammi - Just what she wanted

    My daughter wanted this Barbie so badly for Christmas. When I found it on amazon for a lot less than what the local store was selling it for I had to get it. She was so happy to get it Christmas morning and as a six year old who didn't even want to take it out of the box because she was so beautiful that's saying a lot! I think the holiday Barbie will become a tradition now!