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  • Anonymous - Worth the price.I know the price is exorbitant, but sometimes I can find it for about $30 cheaper. Either way, it's worth it for me. This is the absolutely only antiaging cream that doesn't make me break out. It actually has helped heal the acne I had gotten from other products. I use it with my derma roller, and my skin is smooth, firm, and even toned. My skin also doesn't dry out in the winter, like it used to, except maybe around the eyes. I'm just waiting for the price do go down. Is just has to, eventually...doesn't it?
  • Pat Hodge "Patti" - RecommendedI jumped on the bandwagon for this product after seeing Dr. Oz's recommendation just like thousands of others I'm sure did. As I cannot say this about all of his recommendation, this one seems to be a valid endorsement. The product actually works! I had a definite boost in my energy rate right away. After the first two weeks, I saw a good difference on the scale too.

    Since cambogia extract is derived from green coffee beans, I planned to couple it with the actual product -another Dr. Oz suggestion. The Green Coffee Bean Extract contains an ingredient called svetol which I've heard referenced in metabolism and energy boosts before -Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract Plus + FREE African Mango Powder (10:1 Concentration) 50 Grams. I don't know which product boosted the other, but the results when I use both are far better than individually. The weight came off quicker and in bigger amounts.

    My energy levels not only went up, but were able to put me through 12 hour days with no coffee or other crutches. The African Mango powder, which came with the green coffee pills is just an added bonus- it helps with weight loss too but I notice it gives a more intense energy boost so I had to stop taking it in the afternoon or I would have trouble sleeping. It's something I try to take either in the morning or on the weekends but I love it all the same.
  • Morton - Pink Floyds most complex!Animals by Pink Floyd is by far their most omplex album ever. Its a concept album about peoples place ment in the social and political world. The Pig, Sheep, and Dog being the three platforms of your status in the world.Now on to the music. This album is really one you will have to listen to a few times to fully understand. 'Pigs On The Wing' are bolth love songs about Roger Water's wife, and they are bolth really amazing. 'Pigs (Three Differnt Ones)' is a gerat song with just an amazingly killer guitar solo by David Gilmour. It may be Gilmours best guitar solo ever, and that is saying a whole lot! Dogs, is another killer song with another killer solo and I am not really sure what its totaly about but its really deep and really good for that matter. This may be Pink Floyds best album if its not its their deepest and most complex thats for sure!
  • A mother and an engineer - Great for kids who like unusual facts and informationI have gotten several of these books (one per year) for my son, now age 10. He was a precocious reader and is really into statistics, facts, and unusual bits of information. As such, this book was right up his alley. I plan to get the next one in the fall when it comes out, too. I haven't read it myself, so here are my son's comments: "It was really interesting and has a lot of good information. It would be good for someone who likes lots of facts. There are good pictures."