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  • Dana R. Gill "Heal yourself" - Easy to useYou will have to read the instructions to get started, but do not fear. It is easy! I am a novice, and I figured it out and went on a labeling spree :-). I was a bit worried about peeling off the backing because I only have one steady hand. Never fear. There is a little slot on the top. Insert the end of the label, pull out in opposite direction, and label is slightly separated from backing at that end.I bought a bunch of that OXO pop containers to redo my pantry. Labelled contents. Now I can easily see what I have. Love it!
  • Tiff - THIS....................IS................THE................ BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love Perry Palomino, I love Rebecca (an AWESOME addition to the EIT team!), and GOOD GOD I love DEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are an EIT fan, you WILL NOT be disappointed in Ashes to Ashes! Everything you want and more will happen in this book. It's like Christmas morning! All your dreams will come true! Disneyland is no longer the happiest place on earth — Ashes to Ashes is now the happiest place on earth!

    GAH! I'll probably read it again after I'm done writing this. Even though I was given an ARC, I will be getting this on Kindle, in paperback, and I'll be buying one for a friend too!

    Ok, now for some advice:

    Read this book AT NIGHT!

    Because I know you are a masochist like I am and trust me, boys and girls, this book is so creepy! I'm not even going to lie, I slept with the light on last night ***shivers***. But you have to do it. You just do. Marinate in the terror. It's. So. Good.

    Perry, Dex, and their new addition to the show team, Rebecca, are heading to a school that used to be a sanatorium for children with tuberculosis in the early to mid 1900s to film their next episode of Experiment in Terror.

    Dead children and living children that say creepy stuff like, he's right behind you, has got to be the scariest thing EVER! Like EVERRRRRRRRR.

    Not only are they up against one of the strongest paranormal forces that they've filmed yet, but even though Perry and Dex's relationship is strong, they have a lot stacked up against them and it will push them and test how strong they are together — the strength of love.

    The sanatorium, Sea Crest, is located in Oregon, not far from Perry's family. Before heading over to film, the three of them go back to stay with her Uncle Al for a night. Perry and Dex get to relive their beginning together, but they are also reminded HEAVILY of how little time they've know one another. Perry is beginning to see what it (their relationship) looks like to those on the outside.

    Perry decides that she'd like to wait to go and see the rest of her family (her mom, dad, and Ada) for the first time since she left with Dex, against their wishes, until they've finished filming this episode and they are on their way back. She knows it's time to go back, but she's putting it off for as long as she possibly can.

    Once they get to the sanatorium, Perry's not sure she'll even make it out of this alive. Being locked in a building where thousands of children, nurses, and doctors lost their lives is the most they've had to go up against so far...

    Their story comes to a nice a tidy end, everything is starting to look really good, then suddenly, everything goes to CRAZY AND YOU'LL BE SITTING THERE.....SHOCKED...... saying WHAT. THE. HECK! What the heck! SERIOUSLY! WTH!!!!?!?!??

    AHHHHHH! like...

    What. Just. Happened!

    I seriously had to take a moment and calm my self down. I cannot wait for the last book. I don't want it to end, but it is going to be amazingly epic and Karina Halle knows how to give the most amazing endings to her characters (oh how I wish it could go on forever!).

    There is so much more I'd love to share, but this book is FULL of plot bombs, and you need to just enjoy them for yourself.

    This series is so much fun, it's an X-Files esque feel with fan-yourself-HOT goodness.

    Until next time, Dex and Perry...
  • Eva Taylor - Amazing stuffI bought this for my husband who has severe allergies and a constant postnasal drip. We suspected this was the cause of, or at least a contributing factor to, his bad breath. He used it one morning and then that night and the next day---no morning breath whatsoever! We couldn't believe it. He also has had issues with tonsil stones in the morning, yet none since he began using this mouth wash. I have started using it, too, because it's so nice waking up with no morning breath. I highly recommend.
  • Maria Rickert Hong, Certified Holistic Health... - Highly recommendedThe Body Ecology Diet is a gut-healing diet that I highly recommend. Its basic premise, building upon the foundation of what Dr. William Crook built in his “Yeast Connection” books, is that many chronic issues are due to a buildup of yeast (Candida) in the body.

    Because doctors don’t offer systemic Candida infections as a diagnosis, it is often overlooked as a causative factor in autoimmune, neurological and hormonal diseases, disorders and conditions, even cancer, when, in my mind, it should be one of the first suspects.

    Most people don’t understand how the use of steroids, antibiotics, birth-control pills and even ibuprofen can negatively affect the gut’s ecosystem. The Standard American Diet (SAD) with its grain, sugars and starches also contributes heavily to a disrupted gut ecology.

    It boils down to this: 70% of your immune system is located in your gut. If its inner ecosystem is overrun by bad guys, like Candida, it can leave you vulnerable to more virulent infections, diseases and disorders.

    Not only that, but Candida can affect your ability to produce hormones, which is why people with candidiasis often have adrenal, thyroid and reproductive-hormone problems.

    People with candidiasis are frequently fatigued, get sick a lot, have “female problems”, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, constant headaches and other symptoms that are often dismissed by the medical establishment.

    To me, the Body Ecology Diet is the most comprehensive approach to healing the gut, and therefore the body, because Donna addresses these hormonal balances; as far as I know, hers is the only gut-healing diet that does. She emphasizes the use of sea vegetables to heal the thyroid and adrenals, which is brilliant, in my mind.

    She also emphasizes the consumption of probiotic foods that contain oodles of probiotic bacteria. Foods such as homemade kefir, sauerkraut, kim chi and other fermented foods.

    If you think about it, before the invention of refrigeration, all foods that our great-grandparents ate were fresh, preserved with salt (real salt, not the processed white stuff we find today) or preserved with fermentation. These are truly health-promoting foods! That’s why the subtitle of this book is “Changing the Way the World Eats with Probiotic Nutrition”.

    I won’t say it’s an easy diet to follow, although it is far easier than the basic anti-Candida diet, mostly because of the various principles upon which the diet is based:

    Expansion and contraction
    Acid and alkaline
    Food combining
    Step by step

    Because of the food-combining principle, you can have gluten-free grains on the diet (just not with protein), which is a nice highlight for people out there who feel better eating grains or those who need more carbohydrate-rich diets like children and athletes. To this end, Donna also includes Peter D’Adamo’s Blood Type theory in the book.

    However, food combining makes it a bit more challenging about when to eat things like olives, avocados, nuts, etc. If you’re eating out, it’s best to think Paleo-type foods (minus the nuts and fruit).

    All in all, it’s a very well-thought-out and comprehensive diet that offers health-promoting principles for everyone.

    I’ll be interviewing Donna Gates on November 20, 2013 at 1:00pm Eastern. If you’d like to ask her your own questions, sign up here at: