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  • P. Sullivan "avidgmr" - Love This PanGot one as a holiday present from a friend. This pan is awesome. Nice, even heat distribution, and stays non-stick use after use after use. Based upon the span of reviews I've seen here on Amazon, I'm thinking that either there is some inconsistency in their manufacturing process or there are just a lot of people out there that probably couldn't make a bowl of cereal correctly even if their life depended on it. Can't make any statements about the company itself or how it does business because I got this pan as a gift from someone who probably got it from a department store. As a pan, this thing is great. I'm seeing that they make more sizes, so I'll be getting a full set here eventually.
  • C. Carmichael "Chris92071" - Great buyAs a typical Amazon Prime user, I have another tablet, but not the Kindle. When an offer of a Kindle came at a good discount, I bought the 32-GB model.

    I am not disappointed.

    Came with my info already loaded
    Easy to use
    Amazon Prime!
    Also add Hulu, Netflix, Skype

    As an iPad user, I had some difficulty with the tablet -- from me, the operator. However outside of that, long battery life, and easy to use.

    A quality and inexpensive add that is great for watching video, gaming, or just being a Kindle.
  • Jenni Lee - Best Foundation Ever!My best friend tried this make-up before I did. I only had to try it once and I went out and bought my own starter kit. It's wonderful! It's great for spot treatment or all-over cover. So many people think I am going natural when I actually have a full layer of make-up on. It is possible to put on too much, but that would be user error and not the make-up. The only con, is when I sweat in the summer, the bare minerals can cause a slight irritation. But it's not bothersome enough to stop using. I love it too much!