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  • Jane Piller-Wilson - Be Gokhalesque!Esther Gokhale has done everyone a favor by making the Gokhale Method available in a book. The book is clear, well documented through beautiful photographs and illustrations, and is true to the information given in her classes.

    Does the Gokhale Method work? My 16 year old would offer an enthusiastic YES! Eight months of working with top notch doctors and physical therapists only exacerbated his injury. We were told to seek alternative approaches and fortunately found Esther. By learning to sit, stand and move in ways that took pressure off the disc, healing could finally begin. And it did! It is wonderful to see him competing in sports again.
    In our household, living without back pain has meant learning to be Gokhalesque.
  • Sassy Scientist - Looooove Proactiv!When I turned 30 and saw acne on my forehead and chin it was the last straw for me. I ordered Proactiv from the company and in combination with my birth control regiment (ie, hormone control), Proactiv is extremely effective for me. When I was younger I used more harsh medications and would cry as my skin would peel off and turn so dry and flaky. Proactiv has never had this type of effect on me and I consider myself to have very sensitive skin. Because I have sensitive skin, my skin does have a bit of redness, but once I put on foundation (I use this mainly as sunprotection), it appears more 'pink' and radiant. Proactiv makes my skin very smooth and even toned and I NEVER have a breakout while using Proactiv along with my hormone control--but if I take a break from the product I can predictably expect a breakout in a week. I do recommend using a moisurizer along with the product. Also, I only use the cleanser once a day (in the morning). At night I use Aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser (which does not container any scrubbing particles and is quite gentle) along with the other two components of the Proactiv kit.

    Now that I am 33 I still love the product, but I hated dealing with the company. For some reason, when you order the product it takes >2weeks for the product to arrive doing the standard $4.99 shipping option. Also, sometimes they would charge me $39.99 for the product and other times $49.99. On Amazon, not only can you always find a $39.99 option or less for the same product, but with Prime I get FREE shipping and it arrives on my doorstep a couple days after I order it. Yay!
  • Arijit - Awesome android tablet - must buy!I was looking for a tablet that will last me for years. After researching for few days, I have decided to buy this one. I didn't make any wrong decision.

    The quality of ASUS prime tablet is great. The tablet is light, really light but feels sturdy in my hand. The gorilla glass is scratch proof (I have rings in my fingers). The screen quality is very good but I use the tablet mainly indoor so can't comment on much-advertised IPS+ display. However, for indoor use the display is quite good and I didn't face any reading or viewing problem.

    The faster Tegra3 processor and GPU was able to run any games I threw at it. All the apps opened quickly and although I ran lots of apps and never closed them using menu items, the tablet never felt like slowing down. One concern is some of the applications I use, are still not updated to ICS tablet screens, so they stretch to fit the screen. That's poor from app developer's part, not tablet's fault.

    The volume is a bit low, but any free amplifier/equalizer app from Android market can take care of this issue. The 32 GB storage is ample, although I have bought another 32GB MicroSD to be in safe side.

    Overall this tablet can be treated as best Android tablet so far, in fact I have compared with iPad2 from my friend - I don't think this tablet is anyway behind iPad2.