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  • T. Rosen - Finally, a voice for Opressed White ChristiansIt's about time, but there's finally a voice for the voiceless. Being a practicing White Christian in this country has become something you might only see in concentrations of like 80 to 85% in many once completely homogeneous communities. In fact, shockingly, I saw a woman with a burka on my street the other day. I walked right up to her and said "ENGLISH!! DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH!!" She did, but that's besides the point. Basically, seeing a woman from a strange alien culture has completely ruined my Christmas season, which sadly only seemed to begin after Halloween. I bet that lady will be one of those who will complain when her kid at school gets picked on and beaten for not having a Christmas tree at home. If only the school systems could make this book required reading, along with: Every time some Harvard liberal says "Happy Holidays," part of my America dies. Hearing those words is like the lash of the slave master's whip, ripping into our milky white Christian flesh, destroying the fabric of our monolithic nation. Not only does YOUR refusal to celebrate a narrowly White Anglo Saxon Protestant pseudo-religious version of Christmas offend me, it oppresses me. Before you know it, people will stop associating this time of year with Jesus, and just trample each other when the local giant chain store is selling electronic devices made in China for 30% off. They should ONLY be trampling each other for foreign-made ipads WHILE REMEMBERING THIS ALL ABOUT THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST!
  • Chris L. Deards "Orion Seditious" - Closest we have to a cureI've suffered from cold sores since I was in elementary school. Back then all I could do was run cold water over my lips and ask my mother for the numbing toothache medicine to soothe the pain.

    Nowadays I rarely get a cold sore, but they're highly inconvenient when I do, so I finally caved in and tried Abreva as soon as I felt the ever-so familiar itch on my lip. I followed the directions--5-6 times a day application. Even woke up in the middle of the night to apply.

    Results? I didn't have a full blown break out this time, and the one blister that did break out was fairly small and unnoticeable. Five days after the first itch the area has scabbed over completely.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from cold sores. The key is to be vigilant. Buy this NOW before you feel the twinge. As soon as you feel it, apply the creme. Be diligent. Apply the creme 5-6 times per day. Let the creme soak in and dry up on your lip. Be hygenic. Wash your hands before and after applying the creme.

    This product may not work for everyone, but it worked for me.

    (Personally I recommend the pump version because one squirt of the pump gives you a measured, even dose every time)
  • Marie Claire "MC" - Best purchase!This is my grandson's FAVORITE playmat! He loves the music he "makes" by kicking the piano keys...which respond easily to a 3-month old's stretched out feet. The dangling toys are positioned properly so that he can actually reach them. The happy faces on the toys are appealing. And, narcissistic as he is, the mirror might be his absolute favorite since he talks and coos away to himself while lying on the mat.
  • ZEPmang82 "-Chrizzle-" - The Real DealFollow the program the best you can and you won't be disappointed. You may have to adjust your caloric intake. Mine was calculated to be 2500 calories a day but I had to lower it gradually to 2300 to see results faster. Noticeable results will come in the second to third phase. Worth every penny!
  • Kathleen - The Dark Side of CamelotThis is one of the most interesting historical books that I have read in a long time. It certainly takes some of the glint & glitter off of JFK and creates some very interesting avenues on who it was that called for his assination. It should be a must read for, at least, every history major & minor and who ever is going to be teaching modern American history. It was a very hard book to put down.